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Specialize In 22K Gold Modern And Antique Design 


Rings - Men and Ladies designer rings, engagment bands and coctail rings

Watches- Rado , Tissot

Diamond-  pendant sets, earrings, mens and ladies rings

Earrings - Assortment of studed hanging and hoop earrings.

Chains - Italian Chain designs imported from Dubai and Singapore 

Gemstones - Pearl Emerald Yellow Sapphire Ruby Blue Sapphire 

Necklace sets - Light Singapore Designs, Calcutta Sets, Jadao Kundhan and Diamond sets

Silver Collection- Idols, dishware and full range of jewelry of rings bangles earrings and chains

Bullion Gold: 24k Coins in gold, Silver Mapleleaf Oz and all different sizes in weights of pure gold 

NosePins: Assorted diamond and 22k Designs

Repairs done in house on the spot.

Custom orders available, in house collection or customers can provide design through picture.