Expert advice on Picking an engagement ring/ Wedding bands/ New trends

2017 brings refreshing trends! If your closer to tying the knot then you are probably going to shop around for your perfect wedding band. Today's modern brides know there is more to wedding bands than just a simple gold ring. These elite ladies are opting for a piece that complements their overall personality.

Fortunately, these 2017 wedding bands trends are so beautiful, that I think they'll be around for a very long time. From unique shapes to prettiest bands, this year's wedding bands trends will have you saying, "I definitely do!"

Picking out your wedding ring can be tough. We are here to help by bringing you 6 top wedding band trends that will be taking over 2017 brides. They are fashion forward, but still have a classic feel that will make you love it forever.


1)Rose Gold

Rose Gold continues to be the new metal of choice for brides who want something unique and extra special.  It's a beautiful choice and really makes the diamond pop!

Fun, flirty, and ultra-feminine rose gold continues to grow in popularity. This soft hue is flattering on almost all skin tones.

Celebrities like Lauren Conrad have recently been jumping on this trend too for their big day. The color of rose gold is elegant, timeless and warm. The best part of all is it gives you a new color option to express your style. As an added bonus, the warm hue is flattering on the majority of skin tones so everyone can get in on this girly trend.

2)Solitaire rings with subtle details

Engagement ring designs I think solitaires will have a huge moment this year. Typically a solitaire means that the band is completely free of any gem stones.  The simplicity and elegance of a solitaire ring allows the center diamond or gem of your choice to really stand out.

For a chic twist on a classic solitaire, consider an East-West stone orientation. Quirky, fun, and slightly mysterious, this type of ring stands out from the pack. 

3)Stackable Wedding Bands 

These thin diamond bands are designed to be worn on top of one another along with the engagement ring. This makes for a fun, unique look that can be personalized however you want. Brides that want the "stacked" look will usually choose one or two stackable bands for the wedding day to start her collection off.

4) Square-Shaped Diamonds

Recent celebrity engagements highlight the trend of incorporating square shapes into engagement rings. Art Deco-inspired looks like Pippa Middleton’s Asscher-cut sparkler appeal to brides who love a little glamour. Step-cut side stones and emerald-cut center diamonds also continue to be favored by the famous and those who are inspired by their style.

5) Pavé Diamond Wedding Bands

As you can see above, these diamonds work on both slim and wide bands, so it's all up to your particular preference. With pavé diamonds, tiny stones are set closely together and cover the surface of the band. Sometimes you will see the pavé diamonds set on specific areas of the band just to provide diamond accents, a favorite for someone whose style is minimalist.

6) Ornate Halo

An Ornate Halo can be a really personal way to make your ring stand out from the crowd.  I'm seeing rings that have more of a designed halo, opposed to the uniform micropavé halo we were seeing several years ago.  Designers seem to be updating their halo design by using diamonds of varying shapes and sizes.  It adds a bit of interest and can also make the ring feel a bit more vintage in style.

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