Men's guide to buy CHAINS/NECKLACE

Good chains for men should look natural like you’ve been wearing it for years, after it was given to you by your grandfather, who wore it for years before you.

A good necklace is an accent piece for a well-dressed man, just like a ring or a necktie or a good set of cufflinks.

Finding chains that are not cheesy, poorly made, or intended for women is a hard feat for most stylish me. Fortunately, we are making great quality and well executed necklaces specifically for men. Gold, silver or white gold is just the first decision you have to make if you want a gold chain or silver chain. Following is the description of some of the most popular chain styles:

  1. Cable Chains: The most sober and traditional form of chain connects single links, but this simple theme has a number of variations. Cable chains are perfect for wearing alone or for wearing with lightweight pendants or medallions.

Box chains have sturdy links that can withstand heavier pendants. Because they contain more gold than other styles, box chains generally cost more than other cable chain designs. Box chains have squared off links rather than rounded links, giving the chain a boxy appearance.



A curb chain is a chain in which circular links interlock and lie flat close together, often having a masculine look. Curb chains can come in a variety of widths, and their links are uniform in size. Compared to other styles, these links are wider.

Celebrity like Jay Z has also been spotted wearing these dope style chain necklaces.


Varying in width, thinner Francos make the perfect choice to wear with pendants whereas thicker ones can be worn alone. This design is four-sided, creating a tightly-linked tubular structure that also resembles a snake chain. Its roundedness allows more flexibility and reduces tangles as well as displaying elegant, attractive links.


A Figaro chain is a chain that is designed with several small round links interspersed with one long oval link. This variation adds visual interest to a traditional curb chain and is particularly popular for men's jewelry.


Snake chains are typically narrow and delicate, which make them ideal for pendants. We also have thin snake link necklaces. Rather than visible links, snake chains are made up of rings which fit together closely, making a chain with an appearance of a flexible tube with the texture of snakeskin.


For men, Rolo chains are usually made from thick links that meet at the center of the link through which they pass. When the links of a cable chain are perfect interlocking circles, that results in a Rolo chain. Due to these links, Rolo chains are better choices for wearing heavier pendants than most cable chains.

  •  Herringbone Chains

These chains are formed from a single strand of gold hammered flat, so they require gentler handling than traditional linked chains to avoid bending or breaking that could cause them to unwind. They are not an optimal choice for a pendant, but most wearers find the chains look elegant by themselves and do not need additional ornamentation. Herringbone chains are exceptionally flat. With small links, they look like ribbons of liquid gold; a herringbone design with larger links resembles tiny intersecting gold bars.

  • Rope Chains

Manufacturers sometimes bevel the edges of the chain, also known as diamond cutting, to give the style more brilliance. Unlike the many variations of cable chains, rope chains are made by fastening multiple links together in a pattern that looks like a twist of rope. Even a slim rope chain can withstand a substantial weight, so they are often used for pendants.Because they are slightly less flexible than single-linked cable chains, rope chains are more often worn around the neck than on the wrist.

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