Gemstone Of The Month – Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire is the birthstone of September and it is closely associated with sincerity, trust and constancy. The striking blue shade of sapphire has captivated the hearts and minds of men for centuries. It stands out among other gemstones with its rare metaphysical properties related to clairvoyance, insight and interpretation. At times, these precious stones of September born symbolised heavenly grace and they were aptly called as celestial gems.Even though sapphires come in a variety of colours, it is well known and most loved worldwide for its rich blue colour. It is a part of the four precious stones family, the others being diamond, emerald and ruby.

Healing Properties –
It wards off evil, negative thoughts and increases the positive influence of planet Venus for people with September as birth month. Those born in this month are believed to be analytical, precise and observant which remind us of the clarity of a blue sapphire. It is assumed to be providing uncanny insights to those wearing this.
It is assigned with numerous magical properties by ancients including spiritual enlightenment and providing inner peace. People also considered it to be containing healing powers and it was used for curing rheumatism, colic and mental illness.

Historical Importance –
The popularity of this gemstone was on the rise during the middle ages and it was the most sought after one at that time. Medieval priests wore this to attract heavenly blessings and it was adorned by royalty to mark holiness, wisdom, virtue and fortune. The British crown jewels are decorated with numerous amazing sapphires and Prince Charles presented an engagement ring made of this gemstone to Princess Diana.
Ancient Persians believed that the earth was placed on the top of a giant sapphire and the reflection of this gemstone gave the blue colour to the sky. It occupies a special place in biblical scriptures as Moses was provided the Ten Commandments on tablets made of sapphire, giving it the most sacred position among all precious stones.

As token of Love –
As a gift, Sapphire will be valued as a prized possession by your loved ones and it is the ideal 45th wedding anniversary gift. Earrings studded with this gemstone are a fitting present to observe any romantic milestone and will definitely make your celebrations grander. Plus, blue sapphire gemstone jewellery looks outstanding when adorned to various occasions. The brilliance that sapphire acquires through clarity and vivid colour saturation makes it one of the most durable and favourite gemstones of the world.