Tips To Take Care Of Platinum Jewellery

Platinum is one of the most hardest and durable metals used to make jewellery. Heavier and more expensive than gold, the “little silver” is one of the most coveted metals in the world. However, like other precious metals, platinum jewellery too can get scratches and the colour can fade with time without the right maintenance. Jewellery manufacturers use a polishing coat to make the immediate platinum surface more durable and smooth. If you own a platinum jewellery, here are some easy tips that will help maintain the shine and lustre for a lifetime.

Taking it to a professional

Expert cleaning
The best way to maintain the shine of your platinum is to take it regularly to a qualified and experienced jeweller for polish. They will have special solutions that will clean off the dust and other environmental elements it has been exposed to. Platinum Jewellery, like any other metal looks dull when exposed to cosmetic products, soap and other elements. Using processes like steam cleaner will bring back the shine.

Though platinum is water-resistant, it’s a pure white metal and time can show its effect on the shine. Polishing would involve several finishing and processes that abrade the dense metal. The original brilliance can be easily achieved even by cleaning it at home with smooth clothes and the general cleaning solutions used in homes.

Avoiding maximum exposure
It is always best to avoid platinum jewellery when doing regular household and office work. It is also advisable to store the jewellery in separate compartments, away from other jewellery items to minimize the chances of scratches.

Repairs and alterations
Whenever there is a need for repairing your platinum jewellery, it is best to ensure that the jeweller has a platinum stock to do the operation. Bench technicians will use white gold instead and this can leave markings and spots on the solder joints.

DIY Tips

Home cleaning
While experts advise a bi-yearly cleaning from a reputed jeweller, you can use warm water and soap to do the process at home.
Tools for cleaning
When cleaning at home, it is necessary that you use a smooth scrubbing tool. Using soft toothbrushes will ensure that no scratch mark is left behind as a result of cleaning.
Drying after wash
After washing your platinum jewellery with warm water and soap and the gentle scrubbing process, it is best to use a lint free, clean cloth to dry up the jewellery. Water marks left behind can harm the coating usually given to platinum products.
Don’t soak
It is highly recommended that you avoid soaking your platinum jewellery in harsh chemicals and glycerine. Usually, these products also come with a DIY manual for cleaning at home and the substances you can use for the process.
Removing grease
If you have exposed your platinum jewellery to hard-to-remove pollutants like grease, it is advisable to soak it in alcohol and rubbing it for some minutes.
Wear with care
Platinum is precious and platinum jewellery usually comes in combination with other metals and gemstones. Take good care of it.