The Art Of Stacking Rings

Stacking rings is a new trend that is creating a great wave of excitement in the jewellery world, with its unique sense of creativity. People who believe in the saying, “the more, the merrier” will definitely love ring stacks, as it shows how abundance can enhance the overall appearance. Depending upon the variety of rings, different combinations can be made for various occasions, making each moment shine with versatility. If rings are piled up  on one finger, without any style coordination, the art of stacking would not look beautiful and appealing. Here are a few useful tips to make this idea, stunning and fabulous.

Go for pre –designed ring stacks
The best way to catch up with this current fascination is by buying pre-arranged ring stacks, intricately designed by experts. They come in a group of three or more and are guaranteed to make an impression, by adding elegance to the casual look.

Group thin rings
A popular style is to group three thin rings in yellow, white and rose gold, which will give the contemporary feel inevitable for the modern lady. The idea of combining different precious metals is gaining popularity in the fashion circles, now a days. A glittering ring can be matched with two plain bands on both sides or a simple band can be surrounded by two diamond rings. Antique styled ones that are detailed in a similar manner can be clubbed together, creating an alluring visual treat.

Add gemstones to the stack
Add some colour to your stack by pairing a sapphire gemstone with a diamond ring creating a contrast of dark blue hues and glittering brilliance. Thin and simple bands can be chosen to complement antique rings to produce a jaw dropping feel on the entire outlook. Bezel rings which have gemstones, surrounded by a thin layer of metal, are grouped together to give an adorable ring stack.

Stacking rings is a versatile art, which will give an absolutely charming result and will suit any person irrespective of the occasion. Get inspired from these top tips and create a ring stack that reflects your personal style