What Does Your Jewellery Say About You?

Jewellery is the best way to bring life to an outfit and enhance our best features. Our jewellery preferences speak volumes about our personal style and taste and about the kind of person, we are.Jewellery is a personal preference; every woman knows that her outfit is not complete without the addition of perfect jewelry piece. When it comes to jewellery, it is fun to experiment with different looks and change up our style based on our likes, mood, occasions or outfit. Whether you like the funky way, the edgy, the sophisticated or the classic; the type of jewelry you adorn or choose to wear can say a lot about your personality and you as a person. Earrings, bracelets, necklace and rings are all important ways of self-expression, so the bijouterie you wear reveals your personality. To find out what personality type you are, you should check on your most frequently worn bijouterie pieces.

Your favorite piece of jewellery reveals a lot about you. Here’s what the following pieces of your bling says about you-

Costume jewelry is fabulous, but they often fall out of style. Anyone who loves costume jewelry loves to switch and swap often, she likes to change up her style and does not stick to one, and she is not committed to one but looks for something new to try.A woman who loves to wear inspirational jewelry is very focused in life, she looks for inspirations in everything she finds and knows exactly what she really wants in life.

What does your jewellery say about youAnyone who loves to flaunt pearls loves anything that is timeless, precious, elegant and classic. They are those traditional pieces that symbolize etiquette, taste, fineness, manners and elegance. Pearl jewellery says that the wearer is refined, loves good manners, classic, is friendly and approachable by nature. Pearls are synonym of innocence and purity.A woman, who wears large necklace, loves dazzling and shiny piece, loves colorful and enormous jewelry piece, shows a flirty personality in addition to being confident and comfortable in your own skin. By choosing such piece, you tell people you are fun loving and is very adventurous. It also says you love what you do.

The girl who seeks chains, bling, bold unconventional pieces and spikes is unorthodox and free spirit by nature. Those who wear the bling will not be afraid to flaunt anything or try something that rest would avoid. She is adventurous with bang-on energy, bold and loves to experiment, she loves to stand out, is eccentric, who doesn’t mind taking the road less taken. You believe in ‘work hard and play harder’; you are a true party animal who loves to be noticed. Though being bold and outrageous you believe in ‘playing it safe’ when it comes to certain things.

People who often flaunt religious symbol jewelry are sincere, obedient, extremely loyal, very dependable and idealistic.If a person often chooses to wear an open circular jewelry, it tells that they are very open-minded, is ready to take up any challenges also tells someone has a more flirty personality, and is friendly and approachable, who is always on the lookout for new experiences.If you are the one who loves to rock designer jewellery, it symbolizes that the person is interested in status and style, who likes to communicate your strong personality in a refined manner, you like your personal style to shine through and be one of the kind.

There are people who wear jewellery that are very close to their heart, like the heirloom piece or the ones gifted by their loved ones, this people display very warm and loving nature, who cares about family and traditional values, values things, always look for happiness and togetherness.If you are the kind of person who wears little or no jewellery, you’re a very confident, a little rough, a blunt but admired, down-to-earth person.If you love to flaunt bracelet more than anything else, you love life and have a great deal of determination, is energetic, vivacious and dynamic individual.

What does your jewellery say about youIf your favorite jewellery is a pair of earrings, you are probably a proud, bold, a fashionista, person who does not want to get lost in the crowd but garner all the attention.If you seek for assorted jewellery, you are probably kind of sensitive, artistic, well groomed and seldom shy.If you prefer rings over other jewellery, it tells that you are smart, down-to-earth person.
If you are the type of person who adores fashion jewellery, you are rebellious, who loves to change your look often, you create your own style, and you love experimenting and love to be unique.If you love ethnic symbols jewellery piece, it tells people that you are confident, orderly person, thoughtful, you love your ancestry and you are a trustworthy friend.

The woman who loves fine jewellery is confident, practical and realistic. She values jewellery that she owns and is committed to it; she focuses and prefers to invest on a few quality pieces that she can wear it for years.A woman who rocks bold, statement necklace, colorful piece, is very daring, fierce, and confident; she is the showstopper and loves to be on the limelight.A woman who prefers vintage pieces is very romantic, feminine, quiet, refined and sentimental. She appreciates and admires beauty, is kind by nature and seldom reserved. She expresses her admiration for anything she likes and is very artistic.Woman who loves to flaunt dangling earrings or chandeliers are sensual, confident, sexy and feminine. This dangling earrings represents class and sensuality.