Discovery And Origin Of Diamonds

Diamond is the hardest naturally forming material found on our planet. The term ‘Diamond’ is derived from the word ‘adamas’ meaning ‘unbreakable and ancient Greek language. The occurrence of diamonds requires very unique conditions and this occurs in only two places in this planet. The first is in our earth’s crust and lithosphere mantle where a stable continental plates drifts above. The second place to find diamonds would be at the location of meteor hits. The diamonds from the crust and brought to the relative surface through volcanic eruptions.

When was diamond first discovered?
The date marking the first discovery of diamonds by humans is 13th October, 1867 in South Africa. Known as the Eureka diamond, it was discovered during the colonial regime. Most of the diamonds in South Africa, the first official country to mine diamonds is found in the Kimberly region. In 1867, the discovery led to the establishment of the De Beers consolidated Mines by Cecil John Rhodes. De Beers still remains one of the most important names in the diamond business. It was them who marketed diamonds as a symbol of love and to this day diamonds are revered as the most precious and unique possessions for women and men alike.

Origin of diamonds – new research
Recent studies by researchers like Jacques have suggested that a process referred to as subduction is pushing up elcogitic diamonds as organic matters via tectonic plate movements. This organic matter when subjected to natural. Diamonds found in the famed Australian Argyle has an oceanic origin deep within the seabed. Diamonds, by their origin can are categorized into being elcogitic and periodtitic. The latest research suggests diamonds being composed of carbon isotopes and a higher proportion of oxygen isotopes. This correlation among the isotopes was unknown until recently.

Discovery And Origin Of DiamondsDiamonds in History
Everyone knows the Kohinoor,one of the oldest and most talked about diamond in history. Kohinoor goes back 4000 years but there were several mentions of diamonds as gemstones even before. The earliest mention of the stone was in an ancient Sanskrit script, believed to be more than 5000 years old and was named as the ‘Syamantaka’. Some even believe that the Syamantaka and the Kohinoor are the same gems. However, for 4000 years after the Syamantaka, no other diamonds were ever mentioned in written texts. It was again in 1304 that the Rajas of Malwa were believed to be in possession of the precious stone, but not named to be the Kohinoor yet. The Kohinoor changed its possession through regimes and empires and currently is in possession of the British, adorning the crown of Queen Victoria.

Discovery And Origin Of DiamondsDiamonds in the modern times
In present times, diamonds are mined in more than 25 countries and all continents sparing Europe and Antarctica. The production has increased significantly in the current century due to its worldwide market. India alone is responsible for more than 100 million carats of annual production of diamonds. Among the most prized possession today, the worth of a diamond is higher than anything else on this planet.