6 Tips To Choose Office Wear Jewellery

Glitz, glamour and fashion don’t go together in a professional environment. When you are a working woman, dressing to impress is essential. It’s not all about looking beautiful, like you’re ready for a night out but about looking professional and yet class – apart. Choosing your jewellery for your work outfit is just as important as your dress or business suit. Like your clothes, your work jewellery shouldn’t be too flashy or too casual. You should think carefully about the jewellery you choose to wear. This should be both in terms of your outfit and whether it’s appropriate for your workplace. Gone are the days when women dress like men in suits with less or no accessories on; now one can happily lay their eyes on fashion, style and color an incorporating it to the boring formal office wardrobe. A smart and a creative mind can still bring a pinch of zing and fashion in the work environment. There are quite a number of ways in which one can bring some fun to office wear. Here are 6 simple ways in which one can transform our work wardrobe with the simplest accessories.

1.Keep your jewellery simple – If you’re afraid of going overboard, remove one accessory before walking out the door for work. In conservative offices, wearing either a necklace or earrings is better than wearing both. It’s easy to style up your favorite dress without going overboard. Small bib jewellery, or statement cuff will help take your outfit to the next level. Gold bib necklace is an investment piece that will match many of your outfits for years to come.

2. Adorn classic jewellery

6 tips to choose office jewelleryWhen it comes to choosing jewellery for the office, stick to silver, gold or rose gold. Wear classic jewellery like diamond studs, pearl necklaces, diamond pendants, beads or jade bangles to the workplace to add a touch of sophistication to your look. Always opt gold necklace, silver earrings or a rose gold bracelet over loud and bright jewellery like black, neons and pinks. Leave all your experimental pieces of jewellery for the party, a shopping spree, date, or a night out but when its time to office stick to gold, silver, platinum.

3. Statement Makers – Bracelets and bangles can be pain at work as it might end up hurting your arm when you are typing or writing, so earrings are a great accessory because they are great, stylish and keeps one’s look effortless. Look for subtle, timeless pieces with a little of color. One can invest in elegant rings to add zing to the keyboard and to brighten up your spirits. Go for oversized studs or statement earrings to keep it polished yet edgy. Wearing stacked jewellery has its charm but, if it jingles and jangles a lot scrap it out. A bold, single metal cuff will also give the same impression but with no sound in background. One can check on brooch too, they look great on the lapel of a blazer or cardigan.

4. Don’t over embellish – Making sure your jewellery doesn’t overpower your personality but should fit in and balance it right is the goal. You want to look impressive and beautiful and not scare out with too much of embellishments and shine. Keep it simple and professional looking. One chunky necklace or a pearl stud does the talking.

5. Choose your jewellery type wisely – The office is usually a formal place . Keep your jewellery simple. Pick great pieces for your daily needs. Keep in mind; the jewellery you wear doesn’t have to be expensive or grand. Avoid extravagant amounts of jewelry . you are not trying to look wealthy here but to look stylish and professional. Limit yourself to a few professional-looking pieces at a time. Instead of decking yourself in bracelets, rings and multi-layered necklaces, wear one simple ring, a simple pendant necklace, and the occasional light bracelet.

6. Jewellery matching your personality – Just because there are do’s and don’t doesn’t mean you have to mute your personality. Be creative and flaunt your taste with confidence. Choose jewellery that expresses you without being distracting. But again, it’s all a thing of balance and keeping the look formal yet stylish. It would also depend on the type of office you have. Your jewellery should project an image of class and professionalism. And if its not- so- formal office environment then one can pull out anything big and bold without any issue. There are so many options out there. You can find affordable and unique office wear jewellery almost everywhere. If you feel like going for more expensive pieces, then invest in classics like pearls and diamonds. When it comes to jewellery, it’s usually an express yourself story