How To Accessorise Diamond Bangles With Style

The age-old tradition of wearing bangles can be traced back to the Vedic period in India and since then it has been considered as a mark of married woman. A gold bangle is preferably one of the most inevitable piece of jewellery due to its versatility and ethnicity. It is adorned as it complements almost all occasions and every attire.

Bangles are available in innumerable deigns like a streamlined thin  design with intricate work or chunky stunning plain ones that add to the  simplicity factor. They can be teamed up with a classic diamond ring or an elegant chain to create an aura of absolute wonder. Evergreen platinum bangles come with a contemporary twist  which goes perfectly well when paired with a chic dress, simple pair of jeans or a formal dress.

It is believed so that Egyptians use to wear diamond bangles  as it was considered  the symbol of luck and prosperity. Also available are gold bangles that dangles with charm making a twinkling sound. Bangles with charms come in interesting shapes like fairies, religious symbols, tiaras and many more that will  practically go well with every ensemble in the wardrobe.

For formal wear, a single bangle is quite  appropriate as we do not want to mess up the professional look with stack of bangles. They not only reflect good style, but is also a perfect fit for the wrist. Thin and delicate ones look good with thin wrists, while thick and bold bangles are made for large wrists.

Bangles are the forte of charming girls as they brim with liveliness and promote oodles of femininity