Tips To Maintain Your Diamond Jewellery

After having spent half of your bank balance on jewelleries you would obviously want your bling to shine and look beautiful forever. Our jewelleries are reflection of our personality, likes and our aesthetic taste. Jewelleries should be regularly cleaned to maintain its value and beauty. Everyday use can make your jewelry lose its shine and charm. Given below are few tips and trick on maintaining the beauty of our piece forever

Tips to maintain your diamond jewelleryDiamonds: Diamonds being one of the hardest substances, it can still get scratch and chip off by various activities. So in order to avoid such damage, one should be little careful in maintaining this hard stones. Diamond jewelleries should always be stored in its individual box. Always protect your diamonds from extreme temperature change. Visit your jeweller twice a year to inspect your diamond jewels and to ensure the setting is strong. Always remove your diamond jewellery when participating in any type of hard manual work like gardening, domestic chores and cleaning.

Cleaning: Regular cleaning will keep your jewelry looking bright and new. For cleaning your jewelleries (silver and gold jewellery) you can use soft brush, mild soap solution, and lukewarm water and gently clean off the dirt from your jewelry. Rinse the pieces thoroughly with warm water and dry with a soft cloth or paper towel cautiously. Such regular cleaning will restore your jewellery’s shine. Dip your diamond bling into the solution made of equal amount of water and ammonia for about 30 minutes and rinse and dry the pieces.

Daily check: Jewelleries which are worn on daily basis tends to accumulate thin layer dirt, outcome of perspiration and cosmetics around the hollow of the jewelry, so pay extra attention to such pieces. Always remove your jewelry before showering and heading to bed. If your jewelry is showing some damage, rush them to an expert and always protect such piece from bumps and scratches, never jump in swimming pool with your jewelleries on, chlorine are really bad! Remove jewelry before getting into any manual work and always keep a check on your fasteners and clasp.

Chemicals: Exposing your pieces to chemicals can seriously discolour and damage your jewelleries. That’s the reason why people remove their jewelry before jumping into the chlorinated water. Avoid your jewelry being in contact with any kind of cleaning agents or any chemicals of whatsoever.

Tips to maintain your diamond jewelleryStorage: To prevent the jewelry from scratch and marks never store your jewellery pieces together, every piece is unique and so it should be protected individually with utmost care. Every single piece should be stored in its own box or individual pouch, case. It is advisable to store your jewelleries in their original case and keep them away from other jewels to avoid damage. As diamonds are hard they might scratch and rub other gems and precious stones so to avoid any such harm and damage jewelleries should be placed separately or in different compartment of a box. Do not store pearls, opals in a very dry and dark place for too long, as it may discolour the gem. Likewise jewelleries made of silver should not be mixed with gold pieces in order to avoid tarnishing of the gold. Let an expert jeweller inspect your jewelleries twice in a year to ensure nothing is wrong or falling.