Perk Up Your Style With Diamond Tanmaniya Necklace

A diamond necklace is a classic piece of jewellery created to be adorned and associated with all the lovely and gorgeous women out there. Delightful broad diamond neck pieces are often considered as bold statement piece, staking its claim. It is often worn with any outfit as a regular accessory item, but once worn it becomes the centerpiece of your attire. A beautiful diamond necklace draws attention to your charming face; it is one of those pieces which makes you look chic in simple and easiest way. Jewellery entirely depends on how you want to pull it off or how you decide to wear it. A diamond necklace is the perfect beauty accessory for a special evening out at the birthday bash, dinner party, wedding or any grand occasions.
Tanmaniya diamond necklace are one of few bold, striking and attention-grabbing pieces which should be allowed to stand out, this jewellery speaks for itself. They are pretty much guaranteed to match every piece in your wardrobe. This piece would work together flawlessly to accentuate your beauty and its touch of sparkle will perk you up when you want to look a little sassy. Malabar Diamond necklaces range from the delicate and classic to dramatic designs from ‘Mine’.

Styling Guide
Tanmaniya necklace looks best when styled with a plain outfit. Styling your LBD or a simple gown with Tanmaniya necklaces is a best way to add a trendy twist.
Wearing at least two items at a time, such as earrings with a necklace, bracelet with necklace and any other combination which compliments each other, one can pull off beautifully.
Keep your outfit simple and avoid crazy and loud prints, let your neck piece get all the attention.

Keep the rest of your jewellery like earrings, rings or bracelet absolutely simple, because you would never want to look like an over done mannequin.
When choosing a necklace, think of the colors that you wear the most, which will go well with it and which will compliment your existing wardrobe.
Store your neck piece on their respective box to keep them from bending, breaking or getting damaged.

Adorning a neck piece depends on a dress and its neckline. V-neck cut looks good on long layered necklace similarly boat and square cut neckline matches with beads round or stranded in layers and all kinds of necklaces made of diamonds.

Perk up your style with Diamond Tanmaniya NecklaceFor a graceful and sensual look, wear diamond necklaces against the skin, this brings attention to a beautiful collarbone; neck and best of all, the entire beauty is best highlighted.
Big and bold accessories are best worn with simple clothes. Staying away of noisy patterns and embellishments such as sequins when wearing bold jewellery is a very wise move.
Considering the depth of your V-neck is very important, whether it is plunging neckline, or is it on the modest side, as the depths gives the option of how well one can play with the attire-cut and accordingly choose the right piece. Necklace should drape nicely on the skin so that it stays noticeable and grabs all the good attention.

When it comes to scooped neckline, it is advisable to stick with short necklaces that remain close to the neck.
When your jewels are the centerpiece of your attire, your clothes should be simplistic. Do not let both fight for the attention, as it would ruin the whole look.
If you are wearing a heavy necklace it is best to go light on the other pieces and keep yourself minimal.
Bright necklace would throw all the lights on your face which will make your complexion look brighter, and you’ll look more awake, another good reason to splurge on the precious stones.
In mood to show off your style without layering on extra clothes? Wrap on an eye-catching, sparkling necklace over strapless gown or flowy deep neck cut outfit for a trendy and effortless look.
All your strength lies in the elegance you have draped in décolletage. Shine bright, sparkle and flaunt the stunning piece on the best evening party.
Get creative with your neckpiece; you can always pair them up with any formal or very normal casual attire. You can choose a top and necklace in contrasting colors to make them pop or even pair a fancy top with a more bold and bright necklace.

The most exciting and the simplest tip of how to wear a statement necklace in the right way is just the adding of colour. You take a plain outfit and use the statement necklace to introduce some life to your look and do the talking.

Make sure to wear a diamond necklace with a simple and one-colour blouse or top to keep the look dramatic, chic and to do your necklace justice. One can never go wrong with neutral tones, so throw bright and attention grabbing necklaces on a white, black or nude to keep the look adorably elegant.
The best way to make sure a diamond necklace stands out is to wear it with the right neckline. Strapless, off-the shoulder, scoop necked or V-necked dresses and tops are ideal, as they will let your statement piece do the talking.