Rarest Gemstones Of The World

Gemstones have always been prized throughout history for their unique brilliance and they are used to adorn jewels providing a spellbinding impression. There are valuable and rare precious stones other than the popular ones like diamonds, emeralds and rubies, which are unknown to most of us. We have listed here the rarest and magnificent gemstones of all times, for all the gemstone lovers.

Rarest Gemstones Of the worldThe extremely beautiful Tanzanite in a bluish purple colour is found only in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania making it one of the rarest and precious stones in the world. As it is found only in a single place in the world, its supply would be diminished and depleted within the next twenty years. The cost of Tanzanite due its uniqueness is as high as about INR 38,000 per karat.

Rarest Gemstones Of the world (2)It is a colourless, sky blue or pale yellow stone and its highest quality is found only in Namibia. The Russian mineralogist Pavel Jeremejev discovered it in 1888 and the gemstone is named after him. The price of a Jeremejevite was about INR 1,28,000 per karat back in 2005.

Black Opal
Rarest Gemstones Of the world (4)These black stones shine with beautiful and bright colours. The black variety of opal is rare and it is found only in New South Wales, Australia. These mysterious gems cost about INR 1,50,000 per karat.

Rarest Gemstones Of the world (3)The rarity of this stone is clearly evident from the fact that only few of this particular variety have so far been discovered in the universe. They are found by an Australian geologist in Sri Lanka and Tanzania and they will cost you a fortune. A Taaffeite, if found will cost about INR 1,60,000 per karat.

Rarest Gemstones Of the world (5)Benitoite is commercially mined only from San Benito, California, even though traces of this stone are found in Japan and Arkansas also. This purple gemstone costs about INR 2,55,000 per karat.

Red Beryl
Rarest Gemstones Of the world (6)Red Beryl, also known as scarlet emerald is commercially produced from the Wah Wah Mountains of Utah. It is one of the most precious stones and people claim that it is about 1,000 times more valuable than gold. Cut variety of red beryl costs about INR 6,37,000 per karat, which shows its grandeur.

Rarest Gemstones Of the world (7)This colour changing stone named after Tsar Alexander II was traditionally mined out of the Ural Mountains. Even though recently deposits of this magnificent gemstone have been found in East Africa, Sri Lanka and Brazil, it is still high in price which amounts to about INR 7,65,000 per karat.

Rarest Gemstones Of the world (8)Jadeite, one of the rarest gemstones in the world should not be confused with Jade, which is less precious. This deep green charismatic stone is found mainly in Myanmar and costs about INR 12,75,000 per karat.

Rarest Gemstones Of the world (9)Musgravite is so rare that it is found only in few places in the world such as South Australia, Greenland, Antarctica and Sri Lanka. The market price of this gemstone is a whopping INR 22,31,000 per karat.

Rarest Gemstones Of the world (10)Gemmologists were of the belief that there were only two occurrences of Painite ever, making it the world’s rarest gemstone. Even though more presence of this gemstone has been found in recent times, the probability of it turning into an exquisite product in the market is a distant possibility. If ever there comes a chance to buy this precious stone by luck, then it will cost about INR 38,25,000 per karat.

Rarest Gemstones Of the world (11)This bluish green mineral found mainly in Madagascar is named after French explorer Alfred Grandidier and it costs about INR 63,00,000 per Karat.