Emerald, The Soothing Gemstone

Emerald, the birthstone of May has enjoyed an envious position in history as the favourite gem of Cleopatra, the Queen highly acclaimed for her matchless beauty. The astounding lush green hues and the rare charm of emerald has made it the most prized possession of the royals. The soothing emerald has been assigned supernatural and curative powers by ancients.
Deep under the greenish shade, the emerald symbolizes love, happiness and prosperity. It is also connected with Venus, the Greek goddess of love and people used to wear it honouring her. It is also the symbol of rebirth and spring.There are certain interesting facts to be known about  Emeralds.

  • Long back,Emperor Nero wore eyeglasses made of emerald to watch the gladiator games owing to its soothing colour.
  • People believed that the wearer of this alluring gemstone was rewarded with reason, intelligence and eloquence.
  • Emerald was the favourite gemstone of the “Mughals” and they wore it with sacred texts inscribed in it.
  • It is also known for its curative value in gem therapy. It is used for the treatment of diseases like epilepsy.
  • Emerald also has great significance in Indian philosophy. Emerald green is the colour given to the heart chakra which is a source of immortal love.

Finest emeralds are mined from Columbia and are seen in a variety of dark and light shades of green. The value of emerald increases as the green colour becomes more pure and richer. Flawless emeralds are a rare occurrence and such gems are more valuable than diamonds.
An emerald is one of the rarest precious stones that encompasses the variety of life’s experiences within its profound symbolism. It is the ideal stone to add an eternal fascination to any relationship. Emerald is the apt 20th and 35th wedding anniversary gift that rekindles the spark in love affairs. So it is to be handled with much care and should be cleaned with soft damp cloth and water and also has a tendency to crack, if it is exposed to high temperature.