4 Reasons To Own Platinum Jewellery

Platinum, universally loved for its inherent brightness and purity, is the most preferred  metal for  jewellery. Owing to its preciousness and rarity, it is indeed a  popular choice for engagement rings and love bands. It is 90% – 95% pure, which enhances the shine of diamonds, when set in wedding rings. It has been one of the finest picks for royal jewellery and most of the British crown jewels are made of it.

 The top 4 reasons , why it is the most sought-after metal for rings and love bands.

4 reasons to own Platinum JewelleryLong lasting and durable

Its density makes it extremely durable and stronger than gold. Platinum metal resists heat, damage and corrosion making it more expensive than any other metal.  All these aspects make platinum the right choice for evening wear and daily wear jewellery piece.

Timeless appeal

It is one of a kind jewellery that is always cherished for its classic appeal and beauty, which will never go out of style. There is little meaning to a jewellery item if it is mediocre and doesn’t invite any appreciation. But if you choose a platinum ring, its luster and eternal beauty is sure to win your heart.

4 reasons to own Platinum JewelleryNon-allergic

One of the greatest quality of platinum is that it does not cause any allergy, making it the most skin friendly jewellery metal. People who are allergic to other materials can wear it without any issues. Since it is pure white, it doesn’t cast any tint on the diamond stone, when set in the center of rings.

Symbol of love

It is one of the purest metals found on earth and 30 times rarer than gold. Everyone loves to own a wedding ring that symbolizes love, commitment and life-long unity between two souls. Given that true love is a rare phenomenon, the unique qualities of platinum, makes it a perfect choice for love bands.

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