Interesting Facts About Platinum

Platinum is a silver white metal that is popularly used to make rings, bracelets and watches. Its literal origin is from the Spanish word ‘platina’ which means little silver. The radiance and brilliance of this metal can be enhanced with the shining touch of yellow gold. Owing to its heavy weight and durability it will stand the test of time comfortably making it one of the preferred choices for jewellery.Platinum is the perfect choice for holding the gemstones intact and its natural lustre enhances the stunning appeal of diamonds, emeralds and rubies.

Here are some interesting facts about platinum which will make you adore this reigning metal of the jewellery world, more.

  • About 40% platinum that is extracted from the earth is used to make jewellery.
  • It was known from ancient times and the old civilisations of Central and South America used platinum in their life.
  • The Spanish scientist Antonio de Ulloa is given the credit for discovering platinum.
  • As platinum is hypoallergenic, it is the best metal for people who are vulnerable to skin allergies.
  • It is a surprising fact that 85% of the world’s entire platinum collection is used by Japanese.
  • Majority of the platinum in the entire world is concentrated in Russia and South Africa.
  • Today platinum is one of the most valuable metals and it is costlier than gold.
  • It is so rare that entire platinum in the whole world will not fill up a living room.
  • Two tons of ore is required to create a single platinum ring.
  • Platinum was used to create jewellery only during the 1900s.
  • Authentic platinum jewellery is marked with any of the following marks PL, PT, PLAT,950 , PT950 that signify the percentage of platinum and other metals used in the making of jewellery.
  • Even though it is one of the rarest metals on earth, moon is invested with higher concentration of platinum.
  • During World War II, platinum was banned from being used in jewellery as it was in high demand for military use.
  • Apart from being used in jewellery, platinum is also used in medical treatments, automobiles, dental apparatus and ship building.

Platinum is widely considered as the precious metal for the New Millennium and its popularity is on the rise due to its unique and rare qualities.