Why Platinum Is Costlier Than Gold?

The enduring and timeless beauty of platinum makes it a great choice for celebrations of all times. It is chosen worldwide as a popular option for engagement rings and wedding bands as it won’t change colour or fade with the passage of time.

  • Platinum is always more expensive than gold jewellery due to its unique and rare qualities.
  • It is a tough metal making it more durable and stronger than gold.
  • It is denser and more material weight is required to produce a same ring than from white gold.
  • It does not corrode easily like gold. Platinum is rarer than gold and it is more versatile.
  • Platinum has a higher melting point than gold making it more preferable.
  • It has many properties similar to that of gold but it is more resistant to wear and tear than the yellow metal.
  • To craft a jewellery in platinum extremely skilful craftsmen is required and as a result the labour cost is 20% more than with white gold.
  • Platinum is 95% pure making it naturally hypoallergenic and ideal for those with sensitive skin.
  • Its strength and durability makes it the most secured setting for diamonds and other precious gemstones.
  • As the occurrence and production of gold is high, its price is low when compared to the rarer Platinum.

Platinum symbolises a long and enduring relationship and it is more valued all over the world than gold. All these qualities makes it expensive than gold