5 Awesome Tips For Wearing Gold Jewellery

Gold has always been an evergreen metal adorned by women from times immemorial, giving a finishing touch to their grace. There are certain tips to keep in mind while wearing gold jewellery, which will make the wearer look best.

Keep It Simple And Stylish

If too many jewellery pieces are worn simultaneously, they will definitely not stand out, giving a cluttered look to the overall appearance. To tone down the look, two or three options of ornaments that are best should be chosen only for adornment. It is advisable to avoid patterned tops or scarves so that the jewellery is not defocused.

Experiment With Colours Of Gold

Besides yellow gold, there are other hues such as white and rose, which are in vogue these days. Contemporary and antique jewellery are designed by craftsmen in a variety of colours, which will provide a sense of uniqueness to your persona. Experiment with rose gold, the romantic colour that comes in a pinkish shade or with white gold that exudes brilliance.

5 awesome tips for wearing gold jewellery (2)All You Need Is A Statement Piece

A positive impact can be created with statement pieces like bold and chunky rings, which are noted for their warmth and elegance. Vintage rings and brooches can also be chosen, which will definitely make you the centre of attention.

An innovative touch can be given by mixing gold with sterling silver or platinum, creating a brand new fashion statement. A sterling silver pendant worn with a contemporary gold ring or vintage pieces of the same era can give a universal feel to the outfit.

5 awesome tips for wearing gold jewellery (3)Embrace Gold

Gold will always remain as one of the most preferred metal, irrespective of the changing fashion trends. A contemporary look can be given to an antique piece, by updating it with other pieces of modern style in the treasure chest.

Our tips will help jewellery lovers to keep up with the latest trend in this which will be an impressive guide to build your fashion sense.