The Origin And Discovery Of Gold

According to sources, gold has been widely distributed globally and so it is considered an integral part of almost every history and civilisation. The story behind the discovery of gold is still quite doubtful because historians have stated various dissimilar facts about its origin. The exact crux of the discovery is not known though, but it is believed that it was first discovered as yellow nuggets and it was actually hand-picked because of its shining appeal. It is said so, thousands of years ago a child stumbled upon a sparkling yellow object and thus gold came in existence.


Indian History

Gold was highly valuable since it was discovered. It has been the main focus of trade and commerce during ancient civilizations of Greece, Egypt, Nubia and Rome. During 2600 B.C. Egyptians first came up with gold jewellery and since then gold jewellery started ruling the hearts of people till date.


After its discovery, gold found its way to be crafted as jewellery or ornaments, coins, utensils, decorative objects, sculptures and much more. Earlier, gold was mostly used for decorative purpose and jewellery adornment. Gold was also made into religious idols that was worshiped by the common man.

WDiscovery-and-Origin-of-Gold 360-x-240hen we go back in time, gold coins were first used during the reign of Gupta dynasty in the Golden age. And that started the trend of issuing gold coins with the emperor’s face imprinted to mark its age and serve as a monetary purpose. Therefore, gold was the preferred medium of exchange and store of wealth. Not only coins, gold started being widely used by artisans and craftsmen to create traditional jewellery for the royals and also for common man.Since then, a rich tradition emerged of collecting gold jewellery and coins as priced possession for their daughter’s wedding by the parents as gold was considered auspicious.

With time, the fondness and value of gold have grown immensely and still the existence of the age-old traditions and exchange or gifting of gold coins prevails.Interestingly, the discovery of gold was sudden later did anybody know the value of unknown shiny object would rise and valued even more in the years to come.