7 Interesting Facts About Yellow Gold

Yellow gold has a fascinating history and it is popular worldwide for its extraordinary beauty and shine. It has been used globally for creating attractive jewellery to adorn women since ancient times. In the modern era, men also prefer to wear gold as it is a rising trend off late. Gold is one of the most accepted forms of investment as its value increases with the rise in the cost of living. Here are 7 interesting facts about yellow gold which is unknown to many of us.

  1. In spite of being a heavy metal, gold is considered nontoxic and the metal flakes are edible which makes it unique and exceptional.
  2. The element symbol for gold is Au and it comes from the old Latin name Aurum which means ‘shining dawn’ or ‘glow of sunrise’. The word has originated from the Germanic languages meaning “yellow or green” and it shows that the metal has been known since ancient times.
  3. Apart from its monetary and symbolic significance, gold is used in many fields including electronics, electrical wiring, dentistry, electronics, medicine, radiation shielding and to colour glass.
  4. India is the largest consumer of yellow gold in the world.Gold Bangles
  5. As pure gold (24k) is softer, it is usually combined with base metals to change its ductility, hardness, colour, malleability and the resultant alloy is used in jewellery. Different varieties of the metal such as 22k, 18k, 14k, or 10k contain higher percentages of copper, silver or palladium. Copper is the commonly used base metal giving a reddish colour to the pure element.
  6. Great human achievements are usually rewarded worldwide with gold in the form of gold trophies, awards and other decorations. Winners of athletic events are felicitated with gold medals while Nobel Prize, the world’s most prestigious award is made from gold. The Academy Awards, the Golden Globe Awards, the Emmy Awards, the Palme d’Or and the British Academy Film Awards prizes are either depicted in gold or are gold plated.Gold Necklace
  7. Wedding ring that stands for the eternal union between husband and wife is made in yellow gold and it is an age old tradition that continues till now. Ring made in yellow gold is long lasting, unaltered by the passage of time and strengthens the symbolism of eternal vows before God. The wedded couple in orthodox Christian ceremonies wear a golden crown which illustrates the prominence of gold in our life.

Even though other varieties like white and rose gold are also used in crafting jewellery, yellow gold still remains the most favourite choice. The online jewellery store of Malabar Gold and Diamonds offers a variety of traditional as well as contemporary designs in yellow gold.