Common Myths About Wearing Jewellery

Jewellery is often called our best friend and always puts a smile on our face but what if we get restricted and are not open to wearing stones and pieces that we love so much, just because someone thought it as a bad omen to wear, on certain days or in a certain way? We with no qualms get trapped in such absurd myths; believe them and let-go off our likes. Let’s take a quick peek at some of the most common myths about wearing jewellery!
It is believed in some culture that if you wear Opal despite it not being your birth stone, the gemstone would crack by itself and a very bad luck would hit the wearer.

Many believe that titanium jewellery is indestructible and can be worn as how one wants without worrying about it, but all these so called facts are wrong. Though titanium has high strength, it can be damaged. In fact pure titanium jewelry can be bent and scratched like gold and silver jewellery.

In some culture, man gifts tanzanite jewellery to his wife on the birth of their baby. This practice is considered auspicious. Many people think that God blesses you a child with a healthy and prosperous life.

The gemstone sapphire is believed to dull out and loose its shine and beauty if worn by evil-minded people.
We often assume and believe that most of the jewellery stores won’t inspect, clean or repair jewellery, which are not purchased from their store or brand. There is no harm in checking and there are many stores which are open to it, just that we should be ready for the extra service charges.

A very weird belief, pink colored stones should be worn by only those who display certain behaviors, such as people who are outgoing, extrovert, romantic, bold and talented.

Hearing and believing, people tend to smear oil on their opal to keep cracks at bay, but the fact is putting oil on opals damages the stone over time.

Rubies when worn is said to protect the wearer from bad omen and misfortunes and is also believed to mend and reconcile disputes.

It was believed that wearing aqua marine gemstone would protect the wearer from drowning and any water related accidents.

It is often told not to wear our birthstone. Wearing it will invite bad omen and misfortune will engulf you. If this has to be believed we would not be left with any of those lovely stones!

In ancient times it was believed that Amethyst jewelry was considered as an amulet against intoxication, no matter how much they drank they would never get drunk!

Wearing Diamond jewellery is believed to protect the wearer from bad omens, illness, wicked people, animals and deadly poisons.

They say gold and silver colored jewelries should not be combined nor to be worn together. But with right choice one can pull off the two tone look perfectly. Many jewelry brand stores in varieties of beautiful jewelry that has the silver-gold combination.

It is thought that flaunting just one bangle is evil and brings hard times to the wearer.

It is assumed that wearing emerald provides an extraordinary skill of astrology and foretelling of the future.

It is said that those who like and wear black colored stones, displays sense of authority and power and are confident about each and every thing.

So, just get rid of all those silly myths and inhibitions. Enjoy wearing your lovely jewelry pieces and stones. The ultimate thing is wear what you love and admire without any inhibitions!