Tips To Choose The Perfect Diamond Ring

The story of women’s affair with diamonds has never cease to amaze us. Over the centuries the diamond gained unique status as the ultimate gift of love, in myth and reality. It is the hardest known substance yet melts every woman with its brilliance and charm.
Be it a classic or multi stone studded, it will leave no stone unturned to make you feel special and beautiful. While choosing a diamond ring one should be well aware of the 4C’s i.e. carat, color, clarity and cut of the stone.
Rings are an essential component of a women’s adornment. Ring not only brings attention to your beautiful fingers but also creates impression about your style.

  • Diamond comes in different shapes. If you are the kind of one with traditional taste then probably you would like to go with classic Round, Emerald, and Asscher cuts.
  • Shapes such as Marquise, Pear and Heart are the ones for the fancy folks.
  • To enhance the beauty of your hand, Finger shape should be taken in account while choosing a ring for small and shorter fingers, choose a ring with rectangular or oval shape diamonds.
  • Large rings goes well with the middle finger. It can be either single or multi – stone.
  • Fingers with big knuckles should opt for ring that has thicker band and is heavily adorned.
  • Most of the shape – square, marquees, emerald, oval, round, etc. goes well with the long and sleek fingers, they would look extraordinarily best in princess cut.
  • Wide and large fingers should choose rings with elongated, angular shape diamond. The wider the bands the better it will look.

It’s a much known fact, the type of cut impacts the sparkle of the diamond. So go ahead and choose the best glitters that inspires you.
While deciding on a diamond ring, the setting is one of the most important factors to consider. A classic lady may prefer a simple solitaire while a fashionista might go for the bezel or tension settings.The ring you sport tells a lot about your persona, so go ahead and flaunt multiple rings, be it big or small, prominent or refined it never goes out of style.If you plan to wear your ring most of the time, it’s important to choose a sturdy ring style with a strong metal – 18kt or 14kt white or yellow gold, or platinum are very durable and are suitable for everyday wear.Diamond rings are not just reserved for the married and engaged ladies. Everyone has the equal right to own it and to be gifted. While choosing diamond rings one should consider the occasion. Special occasions like Baby Birth, Birthday, Diwali, Graduation, Wedding anniversary, and Mother’s Day have been observed with a gift of fine jewellery and by that we mean a ‘fine diamond ring’.