Tips To Buy Diamond Pendants For Men

A Pendant is one of the most beautiful accessories which is attached to a gold or platinum chain. These exclusive piece of jewellery are known for its charm and are loaded with enormous appealing aura. Every pendant is gracefully shaped and are richly layered and engraved with precious gemstones, pearls and hard blazing rock. Over the time we have seen pendants equally loved and worn by both men and women. These days , you can have more options in terms of design, trends, occasion and looks. Men are often seen being comfortable in religious, cultural, alphabets, classic and contemporary design pendants; and this doesn’t count any less as long as diamonds are in it, did we say more!The charm of a pendant reflects when it’s placed strategically. Traditional and contemporary design pendants are extremely popular among the fashion goers.. Classic simple lockets and alphabet pendants are the most popular type of jewellery among men. Men love to experiment different metals and stones, be it just a ring or locket they have always maintained the stylish edge with the less possible. When it comes to neck piece and pendants it’s wiser to keep it simple, traditional and very clean. We love it when a man carries off the sparkle and glitter with confidence whilst looking equally charming and masculine.

Diamond Pendants for MenWhile making the purchase always be well informed and have good knowledge of the product. Make your mind and purchase for the right reasons. Before deciding to jump into the glitters, be sure that you are purchasing the diamonds from a legitimate and known brand as diamond is the other name of trust so do not miss on it.Malabar offers classic, contemporary diamond pendants for men from the brand name ‘Mine’, studded and adorned with multiple tiny diamonds, solitaire in sturdy and durable 18 karat yellow gold which makes it apt for occasional as well as daily wear.Make your pendant purchase easier with the few given tips below –

The occasion
Depending on the occasion you can decide and purchase this hard stone studded pendants. You would definitely want to know and decide how and when to wear them. Either you want the diamond pendant to match with your attire or to go with rest of the jewellery.
Number of diamonds in the pendant
Knowing the number is equally important. If you love the sparkle then having multiple diamonds would be a good option. If you are a lover of classic design, a pendant with a solitaire would do the justice to your docile look. One should also be aware that the cost will rise with respect to the number of diamonds in the pendant.
We get end number of diamond studded beautiful pendants for the women folks but sadly men are not open to this option. But do not worry; there are few revered and classic styles that are available for the men of today. Some of the most popular style is the diamond cross pendants, the other religious pendants and of course the initial of the names pendants.
The Type
Pendants comes in different types. If you are gifting it to somebody, or getting it for yourself, knowing the type would definitely be handy. There are 3 types; the diamond pendant locket, the diamond pendant necklace, and the diamond pendant in diamond shape, and among all these three, diamond locket is the only type which is worn by men.
The Colour
The most precious diamonds are the ones which are colourless, and they are found very less. Because of their scarcity, they are expensive. Mostly the color grading is from D to Z. The quality of diamond varies; some diamond product comes with diamond certificates issued by authorized organization to prove their quality and purity.
The Cut of the Diamond
The cut of the diamond is the reason behind the brilliance of the diamond of a pendant. The better the cutting and polishing of the diamond, the more sparkling it will be. Choosing a pendant that has a round brilliant cut is a smart idea, as it is considered to be the best and they have 58 facets.
Clarity of the Diamond
Always remember while buying a diamonds choose the one which has a good clarity. Higher the clarity the better will be the quality. One should also keep in mind that the better the clarity the more pricey it will be. Looking into the diamonds closely, one can get the idea or know the clarity of each diamonds. A diamond with lower clarity will have spots, bubbles, inclusions. Clarity grading are given as flawless, internally flawless, Very Very small inclusions, Very small inclusions, Small inclusions, Inclusions.
Carat in short the weight of the diamond is a must know while looking out for for diamond pendants. The weight of the diamond is measured in carats. The higher the weight of the stone, the larger the carat and so will be the amount of the diamond.
The Trusted diamond
Always purchase diamond pendants from authorized or reputed stores and sites, so that one can be assured of the purity and the quality of the diamonds.
A diamond pendant certainly brings smile on the face of a wearer. If you’re planning to buy gifts, do not hesitate to gift these lovely pendants to your loved ones. Pour a little extra on these rocks and make your relationship more warm and beautiful. There are several occasions that call for a diamond pendant as a gift like birthday, Valentine’s Day, marriage anniversary, festivals, etc. Diamonds are the purest and most beautiful form of showing love and affection for someone who is dearest to you, so gift and share more an celebrate the love.