Onam – The Harvest Festival Of Kerala

What is Onam?
Onam is a very popular festival celebrated in Kerala and is also considered to be the national festival of the state. It is celebrate every year during the first month of the Malayalam calendar called Chingam which falls during August – September. Though it is a Hindu festival, it is celebrated by the people of other religions as well all across the state with a lot of enthusiasm and the festivities last for 10 days.
The origin of the word ‘Onam’ is thought to be from a Sanskrit word ‘shravanam’ which is the name of a constellation. Onam is the harvest festival of Kerala and is celebrates the homecoming of Mahabali, an ancient king who ruled the state centuries ago. This period when Mahabali ruled was considered to be a golden age as people were happy and lived amongst each other with harmony. There was also a lot of prosperity as well during this time and it is said no need people returned empty handed from the durbar of the king. This golden age, however, ended when an avatar of Lord Vishnu, Vamana pressed Mahabali deep down to the earth with his foot. The king however was honest and generous and this satisfied the lord and he allowed Mahabali to visit his kingdom and subjects once every year and this is celebrated as Onam.

How is it celebrated?
Onam is celebrated for a period of 10 days. The first day of the festival is Atham and the final day is Thiruvonam. Here are the major attractions of this festival:

Pookalam is a ritual that involves making beautiful designs in front of the main gate of the house with flowers. A new layer of flowers is added with each passing day.Onasadya is the name of the grand meal that is prepared one the last day of the festival and is served on banana leaves. It is a meal that should have at least 4 – 5 different types of vegetables.Onakalikal are the games that are played during the festival. A game that is played with a ball is a favorite of the men named Talappanthuli. Women mostly spend their time making Pookalam or performing traditional dances.Vallamkali Boat Race is a very entertaining event of Onam where more than 100 boatmen compete in a boat race. This is also a famous tourist attraction during this time.Elephant procession is yet another awaited event of this festival. elephants decorated with flowers and ornaments take a round of Thissur as this is the place where this event takes place.Folk Dances are also a part of Onam where mostly women participate.This year Onam would be celebrated from 28th August.

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