Holi: The Festival Of Colours

What is Holi?
Holi is one of the major festivals celebrated in all corners of India with much enthusiasm and gaiety .It is the festival of color which is celebrated on the full moon day in the month of Phalgun during spring and so is also popularly known as spring festival. Holi is also known as festival of love. Whatever name it may have it is the festival which signifies the victory of good over evil. Every state may have different traditions and customs to celebrate Holi but the spirit of Holi remains same wherever it is celebrated. Although it is a Hindu religious festival, it has become so popular that even non-Hindus take part equally in the celebration. The festival celebrates the arrival of spring and thus brings joy and hope in everyone’s life. There are many ancient legends associated with the festival of Holi. The most popular is the story of Holika from which the festival has derived its name ‘Holi’.

How is it Celebrated?
Holi is celebrated in different ways in different states based on which story the people of the region believes. The two most widely accepted stories are:

Story of Holika: The root of ‘Holika Dahan’ lies in the legend of demon king Hiranyakashyap who wanted to kill his son Prahlad. The king took the help of his sister Holika to burn down his son into ashes but no harm could touch Prahlad. It was Holika who was burnt. So every year on this day victory over evil is celebrated by lighting bonfires and the tradition is popularly known as Holika Dahan.

Story of Radha and Krishna: The story shows the love between Lord Krishna and Radha. Krishna being dark complexioned was jealous of Radha’s fair complexion and in a playful mood applied color on Radha. Lovers follow this tradition till date and apply color or ‘gulal’ on each other.

As a part of preparation the entire country dons a festive look. The market places are full of gulal and abeer. Innovative designs of Pichkaris are the main attraction for the children. Women start preparing traditional dishes like gujiya, papri and mathri for the day. On the day people apply colors on each other. The children take blessings of the elders by putting gulal on the feet. It is believed that on this day even enemies become friends and exchange greetings. Holi is considered to spread the feeling of brotherhood among everyone.

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