Points To Keep In Mind While Gifting An Engagement Ring

Buying a ring for your loved one on your engagement would turn out to be a difficult task if you don’t know the technicalities of the jewellery gifting. The options available in the market are plenty and that is the main reason behind the confusion. The engagement ring would be the prime requirement if the engagement is yours and if you are attending the friend’s engagement then you may try other jewellery pieces as well. Whatever may be the reason, the basics for the jewellery purchase will remain same. The below given tips may be helpful if you want to gift the best jewellery piece to your loved one and that too in your budget.

Know your budget– Though this point has nothing to do with jewellery selection, it surely governs the entire selection process. The budget may depend on the fact that you are attending your engagement or going for a friend’s engagement. If it is about your engagement then you can definitely go for the expensive rings as it is the one time thing. Your budget will regulate decisions like whether you want to opt for diamond, platinum or delicate gold ring.

Diamonds may never fail – If your budget permits then diamond would be the best pick. Diamonds are all time favourite and may go well with all attires. It is perfect for traditional as well as modern outfits. You may undertake some research before selecting the diamond ring as diamond is available in various sizes and cuts. You may opt for a big solitaire as it will give the real aesthetic value to the diamond. The prize of the diamond ring mainly depends on the number of diamonds, cent and size of diamond and cutting of diamond. You may play a bit in these parameters to bring the ring in your affordable range.

The metal depicts the story – The metal you select for gifting will go a long way as it will offer your jewellery a personal touch. If you are gifting to your partner then check his or her personal choice by checking their belongings. If she usually loves to flaunt yellow then go for gold else you have choices like white gold, silver and platinum. The platinum is the costliest of all while the silver is the cheapest. The gold falls mid-way. So make your decision according to the partner’s metal choice and your affordability.

When buying for a friend – If you are buying this jewellery piece for a friend on her engagement then you have ample choice in the form of earrings, necklace, pendants, bracelet and so on. You can either buy one or have a combo depending on your choice. The ring is a strict no as it is intended to be gifted by the couple to each other on this special occasion

The choices are plenty and you can also try online jewellery shopping portals to get best price for the unique design. These portals may offer quick delivery and even the customer friendly return policy. So, don’t waste your time and select the best for your loved one on this engagement occasion.