Six Best Jewellery Gifts For New Mothers

Birth of a new baby in the family is a wonderful moment when the parents are overwhelmed with feelings of joy, pride and love. Bringing a new life fills the world of the mom with doting emotions.  Celebrate this magical occasion with jewellery that captures the essence of its beauty. A new mother deserves to be pampered by timeless jewellery gifts, as an expression of gratitude and appreciation.

Here are some great gift ideas that will double the happiness of the moment.

6 best jewellery gifts for new mothersEternity Ring
It is a highly symbolic ring that represents deep and passionate affection. Studded with an unbroken circle of diamonds, it signifies unyielding commitment and fondness for one’s spouse. A full or a half eternity ring is the most traditional gift a husband can present his wife as an expression of his love.

Diamond Solitaire Pendant
It is the ideal way to express your love for your partner and the new born baby. Solitaire pendants are always a fascination for ladies and it will remind her of your everlasting love.

Diamond stud earrings
They are the ultimate classical gifts, which will remain as a precious token of love from the husband to his wife. She will definitely love its beauty and simplicity as Diamond stud earrings blend with any outfit which also makes it an essential part of a women’s wardrobe.

Alphabet Pendant
Make her feel special by gifting a personalized pendant inscribed with the first letter of her name. A variety of alphabet pendants can be chosen from

Birth sign Pendant
Expresses the profound meaning of her zodiac sign by giving her a birth sign pendant. Birth signs are always special and your wife will surely admire this jewel and wear it close to her heart.

Pink or Blue Jewellery
Pink gemstone jewellery is one of the most special gifts to commemorate the birth of a baby girl, since it is the most popular colour representing feminine character. If you are blessed with a baby boy, then blue gemstone jewellery can be the apt gift.

Every new mom deserves something special, to celebrate the most emotional moment of her life. A variety of earrings, rings and pendants that satisfy your tase.