Best Hairstyles For Indian Bride

Indian weddings are grand affairs, the celebrations for which continue for days. There are various kinds of rituals and ceremonies that precede and succeed the main wedding event. And for all these occasions, the bride needs to look her best always. Along with costumes, jewellery and accessories, another thing that must be taken into serious consideration are the various hairstyles that the bride can wear for the occasions. There was a time when a bun was the only hair style that the bride wore. But now she has the option of choosing from innumerable hair styles, which suit her looks and her costume.

The long braid

Best Hairstyles for Indian Brides (5)Braided hairstyles are not new in Indian weddings. This hairstyle works exceptionally well for women who have long hair. However, you can use false hair in creating a long braid if you want. Use accessories like beaded strands in pearl or hair pins with pearl heads for decorating the braid. Use the strands in crisscross fashion so that it gives a dense finish to the braid. Flower strands can also be used. A maangtika completes this kind of hairstyle perfectly.

The vintage bun

Best Hairstyles for Indian Brides (4)One of the favorite hairstyles of Indian brides is none other than the classic bun. Indian brides usually wear a veil that covers their head and the classic bun looks lovely with the entire getup. The veil goes over the bun and therefore it is important that the bun is tight and neatly done so that it does not open. Whether you go for a fluffy hairdo in the frontal part or for a middle parting, the bun goes well with both the styles. The bun can be decorated with flowers or other kinds of hair accessories like floral hair pins.

Open waves and curls

Best Hairstyles for Indian Brides (2)Indian brides are coming out of the traditional hairstyles and looking to add some pizzazz to their wedding hairstyle. Many brides are experimenting with open waves and curls in their hair for the D-day. Seek assistance from an experienced hair dresser in getting the style you want. Some brides like to pin up their hair in the center with some chic accessory and let the curls hang from all sides giving the face a fuller look. The pinning up of the hair can also be done in one side so that the whole volume of hair remains on a single side. Just make sure that the waves and the curls are well set.

Messy braids and buns

Best Hairstyles for Indian Brides (3)The disheveled hair look is in vogue and Indian brides are adopting it heartily as a part of their wedding hairstyle. They are implementing the same in braids and in buns. Waterfall braids and fishtail braids are very popular. The best thing about these hairstyles is that they can be done in medium as well as in long hair. The falling of the curls and the waves on the face makes the bride look pretty. In messy buns, the hair is styled in such a manner that the bun does not look perfect, but it looks absolutely stunning. Accessorize the messy buns and braids with real flowers or with attractive hair

For wedding hairstyles, it is always good to seek help from professional hairdressers as they know the tricks of setting the hair perfectly for the occasion.