How To Plan A Bollywood Theme Wedding

Indian weddings are like a concoction of the most unforgettable flavours. There’s soft smell of Mehendi, brightness of Turmeric, elegance of Vermillion and last but not the least, the aroma of lip smacking food in the air. This is teamed up with grandiose attire and it all looks like as if you are in the midst of a fantasy land as they show in films.

Nowadays, weddings based on themes are in vogue. And, one of the most sought after themes for a wedding is “Bollywood”. Bollywood themed wedding parties along with all the “Band Baja Baraat” gives an experience which lasts forever in our minds.
So, if you are going to organize a wedding or you yourself are planning to get married and want this occasion to be unique and different, then we would suggest you to go for a Bollywood themed wedding.

So, here are some suggestions on how you can organize a Bollywood themed wedding party;

How to plan a Bollywood theme weddingFood – The most important thing in an Indian wedding
Focus on spicing up the Food scene by including all the street food delicacies from every corner of India – Bhelpuri, Sewpuri, Pani Puri, Dahi Bhalla, Vada Pao, Pao Bhaji, Aaloo Tikki, Paapdi Chaat, Chuski and all the lip smacking Indian street food delicacies you can think of.

Music – Bring life into the party.For a Bollywood themed wedding, arrange an array of musical numbers. One can go for a fusion where there are popular Bollywood numbers from 70’s and 80’s and all the recent chartbusters.
Arrange for a choreographer beforehand, and prepare brief skits of all the close family members based on popular Bollywood dance numbers.

Décor – Give the wedding venue a Bollywood feel.Always make sure to have a proper red carpet like entrance for guests at the wedding venue. Name the dinner tables after popular Bollywood movies which people associate with Weddings to give a touch of fun and humour.

How to plan a Bollywood theme wedding (2)The Golden Idea
For sprucing up the food scene even more, create food stalls on the names of popular Bollywood actors serving the cuisine of the region they come from;For example:- Mithun Da Stall (Would serve Bengali sweets and chat items), SRK Corner (Will serve snacks from Delhi which people can drool over), Jai-Veeru corner (Server popular delicacies from Punjab and Uttar Pradesh), Rajnikanth Square (Serving authentic south indian snacks and delicacies),
Such placements will give the guests a memorable experience.

Dressing and Jewellery
Arrange for wedding trousseau and ethnic wear for bride and groom respectively inspired from some popular Indian Bollywood movies. And, if you want to go for jewellery based on Bollywood theme you can go to “Brides of India” section of online store of Malabar Gold & Diamonds and buy really classy and cool jewellery designs for yourself.
Share with us your own theme wedding experiences where you witnessed some really cool and attractive wedding ideas.