Useful Jewellery Tips For Would Be Brides

Every women in this planet wishes for a fairy tale wedding, and grow up planning and picturing their perfect wedding. Every single women would love to look even more gorgeous and alluring on her wedding day. The wedding day calls for a perfectly planned trousseau, as to look best on wedding day gets supreme and essential. Did we say, the most important part of wedding is jewellery? Jewellery completes and enhances a bride’s look, it provides the much needed charm any bride would need on her big day! Finding the right jewellery can be a hassle free task and at the same time can be a daunting one too, so be thoughtful and a little creative while selecting your wedding jewellery.

Important things to keep in mind while selecting wedding jewellery –

Versatile Pieces – You might fall in love with a certain design or piece that you own, but before you could wear it the third time, to your utter dismay you found out that its gone really far of the trend, and sadly these pretty pieces cost you fortune. So to keep in bay such cases it is advisable to go for versatile jewellery. With such jewellery you can coordinate with any of your outfit, you can rediscover and experiment. And most importantly one don’t have to keep it locked after marriage, you can flaunt such pieces with any trendy outfit and occasions. You can wear versatile pieces for longer period of time, and coloured stones are very versatile as they can be worn at different occasions and can be coordinated with any outfit.

Useful Jewellery Tips for Would be Brides (2)Interchangeable Bridal Jewellery -One can wear interchangeable pieces coordinating with other jewellery and everytime flaunt a very unique different look. Be it traditional or contemporary theme a perfect interchangeable bridal jewellery will bring out the bride’s personality in perfect essence. These jewellery can be altered according to one’s preference and bring out multiple different looks to compliment multi-occasions and events. !

Economical Jewellery – Spending lump some amount on single type of jewellery and not getting to wear it often or is just turns out to be of limited use, puts one to loss. As we often see, once the wedding is over, the whole set of bridal jewellery gets locked up for years or comes in use very rarely in one or two occasions and moreover knowing that a lot of amount has been invested in the piece and is hardly in use gets us disheartening. Thus, going for economical bridal jewellery is the best option, mixing traditional as well as contemporary, not just entirely opting for diamonds but adding gemstone creates variety in your wedding trousseau. One can modify old unused jewellery by giving it a ultra modern touch, reducing your gold purity also reduces cost considerably. Refining is another superb option, you can create a completely new piece of jewellery and play with the design by refining the old ones.

Useful Jewellery Tips for Would be Brides (3)Colour and Work – Its equally important to know the colour of your wedding outfit for the choice of your bridal jewellery. Jewellery that you choose should be either in contrast or matching with the complete bridal outfit. Generally we tend to avoid knowing the style, design, patterns of the wedding outfit while going for jewellery but we should know that these are the major factors for deciding your bridal jewellery. Colour and design of the wedding attire have to be kept in mind before choosing the bridal jewellery. Your jewellery and outfit should be in complete harmony.

Design & Pattern of the Wedding Outfit – Every bride should try to know and research on types of jewellery that would match their wedding outfit design and patterns. Knowing different jewellery stores, brands and jewellers whose work you love and admire and think their jewellery will fit perfectly with your wedding outfit and personality would be a great step, as it is very important to pick those pieces that is part of your personality. Every kind and types of the bridal jewellery be it necklaces, rings, nose-rings, bangles, earring, armlet, anklet etc. should match and complement the design of your wedding outfit. The pattern or design of your outfit should not clash with the jewellery you have put on. Your bridal jewellery should match with the whole ceremony of wedding.

Neckline of the wedding outfit – The neckline of your wedding blouse or gown matters a lot when it comes to picking up bridal necklace and jewellery set. Choker and wide necklaces goes well with deep cut necklines. V-neck would look great with Y- or V-shape necklaces that comes down to a drop and has edges. The jewellery should mimic the shape of the neck design and cut. For strapless it is advisable to focus on neck-wears and armlets for the added appeal and beauty.
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