Kerala Christian Bridal Jewellery Tradition

Kerala Christian Bridal Jewellery Tradition is unique in its own way and the jewellery worn by a Malabar Catholic bride is a mirror image of her heritage and land where she comes from. Manimuthu maala, kurumulaku maala, and kingini maala are some of the distinctive necklace designs. On the other hand, the community is always ready to experiment with jewellery designs from all over the world.
The Christian wedding ceremony is usually enveloped in a divine environment. The white gown, gloves and the long net of the bride gives her the look of an angel.

Aachaarakalyanam is fixed by elders, it is an event in which elders from the bride’s family visit the groom’s to fix the date of the wedding which is followed by Manasamatham where the priest confirms whether the wedding is acceptable to the concerned parties in the presence of two witnesses., this ceremony concludes with a grand feast.

Now comes the Wedding – The wedding happens at the church of the groom. The bride and groom then present themselves before the altar and light a lamp and then they take the holy vows. After this is the Minnukettu which is the most important ritual of a Christian marriage – The bride ties a thaali which is called minnu on her neck. The priest blesses the mantrakodi (mostly cream or light coloured sari) and gives it to the bridegroom. The priest blesses the mantrakodi and puts it around the neck of the bride.

After the minnukettu, the priest hands over to the groom, the manthrakodi which he drapes over the bride’s head. The priest then dips pieces of holy bread in wine and gives it to the bride and groom followed by the rest of the family members. The wedding ceremony draws to a close and the guests proceed for the wedding feast.

Let’s have a look at various types of ornaments worn by a Catholic bride on her wedding;

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Jhumki – Traditionally designed earrings, made completely out of gold,Kingini Mala – This one is a brilliant neck-piece, renowned for brilliant craftsmanship and intricate design.

Minnu – Pendant worn on a red thread by the catholic bride.

Kasumala – Neckpiece with fine gold work on it, majorly contains gold.
Kurumulaku Mala – This one is a very classy and stunning necklace, with a heavy pendant – The highlight of the entire jewellery kit.
Manimuthumala – Golden strands collected into one piece, very delicate and elegant piece.

Malabar Catholic brides are known for their diverse collection of bangles – Half Moon Rhodium Coated Bangle, Patly Bangle, Kurumulaku Bangle, Toering, Kolkata Bangle , Hollow Machine cut Bangle, Thin Bangle, Thoda Bangle – WOW!!!!!!
C Z Spring Ring – This is actually a gemstone studded ring, crafted in the form of a spring, which is nn art in itself.
Malabar Catholic weddings are a mix of traditional and contemporary mannerisms and so are their jewellery designs!