Sikh Bridal Jewellery Tradition

Punjab is the land of prosperity and people here love to enjoy life and celebrate. This vigour reflects in the type of celebrations they have especially at the time ofwedding.In Punjabi culture, ornaments give a very bold expression. Punjabi brides are known for their versatile and innovative style of jewellery.

On the day of the wedding, the Sikh bride wears Kundan ornaments;
Kundan Bali – Heavy Earrings with stones
Kundan Manek Chudi – Bangles worn on the wrists
Kundan Choker encrusted with rubies and pearls in the kundan style – This ornament signifies Sikh culture, which is also a rage amongst Bollywood celebrities these days.
Also, on her both hands a Sikh bride always wears “Haath Panja” a stunning ornament covering the back of the palm.

A Punjabi bride’s jewellery kit is incomplete without “Nath” (Nose Ring) which completes her bridal look.
Maang Tika also constitutes a very important of the Sikh jewellery. It consists of a pendant and a chain with a hook at the end – the chain is worn along the hair-part using the hook to attach it to the hair so that the pendant is on the forehead just beyond the hairline.

A jewellery ritual in a Sikh Wedding: Choodaa Ceremony. The choodaa or the bangle ceremony is a ritual in which the maternal uncle and aunt of the bride embellish the bride’s wrist with white and red bangles and an ornament made up of gold or silver known as “Kalire” is tied to these bangles. Gold bangles, passed down from generation to generation are also handed down, and it is a highly emotionally charged moment when the bride receives her heritage to take away with her to her husband’s house