All about Cobalt

There exist a lot of amazing things about being a man in the twenty-first century, specifically when it comes to the aspects of style and fashion. Unlike the earlier generations, todays men’s fashion has range and variety at its very root with experimental and modern choices sitting easily side by side with timeless classics and more traditional options, which never fall out of consideration. This isn’t only in the case of clothing. Men’s jewelry has seen some kind of a rebirth in these years, with ace jewelers and designers beginning to experiment with new materials, which further broadens the choices available to the modern gentleman.

Where earlier generations had to make choices within a limited selection of gold and silver rings, today we can cherish the fact that metals of many qualities, features and characteristics are there in the market. Undoubtedly, nothing’s wrong with sticking to the classic metals, and there are number of convincing reasons why gold, silver and platinum have ruled for centuries. However, as we all know variety is the spice of life, and there’s a lot we can for opening up the number of choices available.

No matter what you’re looking for- a men’s wedding band, a routine wear ring or an engagement ring, you can be certain that there is an alternative metal out there which not only looks and feels fabulous, but which also complements your lifestyle and personality, too. The way this fashion continues to flourish, and jewelry fashion is now more inclined in men’s favor, there’s never been a better time to explore the world of alternative metal rings, and find something that perfectly suits your fashion sense.

In old times, Cobalt was used in ancient jewelry for its beautiful, bright white tone and strength.

Made from a highly durable alloy, cobalt is four times harder than platinum while at the same time, less dense. Due its natural hardness, cobalt jewelry is greatly scratch, chip and corrosion-resistant. Its lower density and natural malleability allow for strong, numerous designs with less weight. Cobalt is also hypoallergenic, making it the perfect choice for those with sensitive skin or an active lifestyle.

It isn’t hard to get why men across the globe are looking for the opportunity to own different metal engagement rings. More than that, there is a need to look different from others, to make a strong, personal statement with your fashion decisions, and an important part of this trend is to do with the minute yet important details. To wear a ring made from tungsten, cobalt, or ceramic among other metals is to show the world that you are a man capable of making confident selections, that you know what you prefer and you are not afraid to go out and take it with both hands. These are rings which look to the new age for their inspiration, which mix practicality with elegance, beauty with understated, sober charm.


Demerits Merits
Cobalt isn’t considered a precious metal, so it has no investment value. Cobalt wedding rings maintain their beauty.
A cobalt ring, that it is a more recent addition to jewelry stores, meaning that there may be a limited variety of cobalt wedding band designs. Its affordable.
While cobalt is extremely durable, it is also important to realize that this is a fairly heavy metal Cobalt rings are resizeable 
Color is similar to platinum.

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