birthstone July: Ruby

Rubies are a type of corundum mineral that are prized for their beautiful red color. They are the primary birthstone for the month of July and have been highly valued throughout history for their rarity and beauty.

Rubies get their red color from the presence of chromium in the crystal. The color can range from a light pink to a deep, rich red. Rubies are often found with inclusions, which are tiny imperfections inside the stone that can give it a unique character and help distinguish it from other gemstones.

Rubies are found in many parts of the world, including Myanmar, Thailand, and Sri Lanka. Burmese rubies are known for their intense, pure red color and are highly sought after by collectors and jewelers.

In addition to their beauty, rubies have been associated with many symbolic meanings throughout history. They are often associated with passion, love, and energy, and have been said to bring good luck and protect the wearer from harm.

Rubies are often used in high-end jewelry such as engagement rings and necklaces. Due to their rarity and high value, it's important to purchase rubies from a reputable source and have them evaluated by a gemologist to ensure their authenticity.

Overall, rubies are a beautiful and meaningful birthstone for those born in July. Whether you're drawn to their vibrant red color or their rich history and symbolism, there's no denying the allure of these precious gemstones.