Different Nose pin designs trending

Nose Pins are one of the main jewels that Indian women prefer to wear. Mostly Indian brides have a tradition to wear jewelled nose rings on their wedding day.

Many ancient beliefs go back to relating that nose piercing is in a way related to a woman’s ability to bear the pain while delivery or menstruating. However, I don’t think that is possibly true because there are many women who don’t get their nose pierced and I don’t think that affects the ability to bear labour pain in any case if this notion had a slight truth!

Nose piercing has always been an important beauty regime for women across the world. In some culture it is also taken as significant jewel for married women. Despite of this importance, nosepin designs were not always as attractive as today. With body piercing becoming a trend, nose-pins have also witnessed a crucial makeover. Today, they are much afar those simple stone-studded pins or plain rings. Get a glimpse of some of the most-attractive nosepins –

  1. Floral Studs:
A green stone set amid a striking floral pattern. Those sparkling stones on petals make the nose-pin elegantly beautiful.
2. Studs:
Modernity cased in tradition! This nose pin gives a complete modern alteration to the simple one-stone stud. Go for it, if you want the tones of modernity in your nose in a sober manner.
3. Simple Hoops:
I remember being obsessed with the nose rings when the ace Tennis player Sania Mirza flaunted them which short skirts on the court. Suddenly, wearing nose rings became really cool and it was not mere an ancient tradition.
4. Beaded bali:
Adorning different colored beads in a simple nose ring is yet another trend and one can match the beads with the outfits for the funky look.
5. Studded Bali:
This nose pin looks very cool with most of the outfits and make the look quite appealing.
6. Diamond Stud:
This nose pin design perfectly complement your sharp nose. This nose jewel is a sure style booster! It is good for you as well as your little daughter.

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