Dope Jewelry trends of 2017

Most definitely you’ll be known to some of the fashion jewelry trends of 2016-2017 as we have seen many well-known celebrities and street chics to rock them for all occasions. And, don’t shy to be more daring and try some of the coolest fashion trends.

As the sun remains high and shine in the sky for a little longer this time of year, we at Royal Dubai Jewelers see it as the best opportunity to offer you the jewelry that will surely shine against those bright summer rays. From bracelets to necklaces, rings to earrings; jewelry trends of every type have shone out this year. Think big, bold, and beautiful. Looking to add a fresh piece into your jewelry box? We’ve got the lowdown for you on how to do just that.


First of all, a trend that is very hard to escape the eye and the heart is the cuff bracelet. The minimalist elegance that these beautiful pieces can offer us is unlimited. Furthermore, they are great for any style and could be worn any time of the day. Furthermore, the cuff bracelet looks great on the skin in silver, gold or rose gold so whichever you prefer you will end up with a very modern and sleek style that will definitely make people wonder where you got them from.In addition, you can also mix and match different metals to achieve a very distinguishable and stylish look. You will never go wrong with such a bracelet because it looks very classy and neat therefore it is possible to be worn at school, work or just for a fun and distinctive look. Also, throw on the usual outfits and turn them into a top fashionable wear by pairing them with a stunning and remarkable cuff bracelet.



The pink metal, made from a copper alloy, will continue to be a stylish alternative. The rose gold trend is growing. It's been a popular choice in Europe and is spreading across the globe, as jewelry lovers opt for an alternative to silver and gold. Rose gold jewelry offers something truly distinctive that cannot quite be met by gold or silver - rose gold is a sweeter, dreamier and more feminine choice. Rose gold also works well on all skin tones. The softer ‘blush’ color of rose gold jewelry makes it a great choice for neutral tones and monochromatic outfits. 


The 90s beloved little accessory has officially made a come-back and that trend will flourish in 2017. Choker innovation is at its finest. The 90s choker is constantly being reinvented, and jewelry designers are coming up with new and surprising choices. 

No surprise that you see the chokers in our top fashion jewelry trends for 2016-2017. They have been invading the fashion podium for quite some time now and still looking absolutely amazing!

The versatility and diversity of the chokers is incredible. Also, there are so many different designs, textures, fabrics and purposes to these pieces. Go from the very basic and classy tattoo choker to a very glamorous and chic metallic choker.Depending on your style and occasion you can properly accessorize your outfit with a choker that best suits your overall vibe and look.

On the other hand, if you have some special occasions coming up or glamorous nights, then it is best to decorate your neck with a sleek, modern and stunning metallic choker that will instantly convert your look into a fashionable outfit.


Creating a layered look is a creative, stylish process. You can layer your jewelry whether it's on your neck, wrist, fingers or even ears. Delicate pieces lend themselves perfectly to layering. What makes layering popular is that it gives you the ability to create one-of-a-kind looks. Buying a ready-made layered necklace is one thing, but being able to create your own look by combining your favorite jewelry is truly a way of expressing your personal style.


Symbols are a way to express a value or dream without actually having to explicitly state it. When it comes to jewelry, symbols are appearing more and more. You can expect to see bracelets, necklaces, rings and other accessories with symbolic pendants. Everything from more traditional symbols (e.g. hearts and stars) to more abstract and unexpected motifs. Popular pendants lately have been moons, wishbones, pretzels and eyes.


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