Famous Arabic gold bangle designers and their signature styles

Arabic gold bangles have a rich cultural heritage and are a popular form of jewelry around the world. Many designers have taken inspiration from traditional Arabic gold bangles to create their own unique styles. Here are some famous Arabic gold bangle designers and their signature styles:

  1. Azza Fahmy: Azza Fahmy is an Egyptian designer known for her contemporary take on traditional Arabic jewelry. Her signature style features calligraphy, geometric patterns, and natural motifs, all of which are intricately handcrafted in gold and silver.

  2. Tanyaz: Tanyaz is a Bahraini jewelry brand that specializes in Arabic gold bangles. Their designs feature traditional Arabic motifs, such as calligraphy and floral patterns, combined with modern shapes and styles.

  3. Amwaj: Amwaj is a UAE-based brand that creates stunning Arabic gold bangles using the finest materials and craftsmanship. Their signature style is bold and statement-making, with designs that feature intricate detailing and gemstones.

  4. L'azurde: L'azurde is a Saudi Arabian jewelry brand that creates beautiful Arabic gold bangles using state-of-the-art technology and traditional craftsmanship. Their designs feature a mix of traditional and modern styles, with unique twists on classic motifs such as the evil eye.

  5. Damas: Damas is a UAE-based jewelry brand that has been creating Arabic gold bangles for over a century. Their signature style features intricate designs that are inspired by nature, such as floral patterns and butterfly motifs.

  6. Dima Jewellery: Dima Jewellery is a Lebanese brand that creates contemporary Arabic gold bangles with a focus on minimalism and clean lines. Their designs are simple yet elegant, and feature a mix of geometric and natural motifs.

In conclusion, Arabic gold bangles continue to be a beloved form of jewelry around the world, with many designers taking inspiration from traditional Arabic motifs to create their own unique styles. From the bold and statement-making to the minimalistic and modern, there is a style of Arabic gold bangle for everyone.