Gold Jewellery Loan Program

For decades, people have been investing in gold as a trusted investment instrument. Whether in coins, jewellery, or other forms, Gold is the most liquid asset instrument you can support. You can find gold buyers anywhere. When you need to raise capital, you can quickly sell it off. However, if you do not wish to sell your gold, there is a way to procure funds.

Financial emergencies may happen anytime, and you would need to gather cash urgently to tackle them. Taking a personal loan can prove costly due to high interest rates, and thus opting for gold finance is your only feasible option. Gold loan by Royal Dubai Jewellers is the quickest way to get the required credit amount safely and securely. 

How it works?

We at Royal Dubai Jewellers are always hot to trot! Our efficient and friendly staff understand your needs and that’s why we came up with a simple process to provide you assistance at the time of need. We have a simple 4 step process:
Step 1: Present your assets
Step 2: Let us appraise your assets
Step 3: Receive your loan (either by cash or cheque)
Step 4: Secure storage (your assets are safely secured in our lockers)

Why choose us?

  • We offer flexible terms option 
  • Fast and Easy
  • Safe and Secure
  • Competitive Loan Rate
  • Secured and Insured
  • Knowledge and Experienced Jewellery Loan Program
  • Dependable and reliable Business for over a decade

Royal Dubai Jewellers - For you, with you always.

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