Gold Jewellery Trends in 2021

The past year wasn't in favour of us due to the pandemic, but things are getting back to normalcy now. As we prepare to get back to our old routines, we also need to gear up for this beginning. With last year mostly spent at home, we did pamper our skin, cared for our body, but we didn’t update our wardrobes, style and more? Hey, what about jewellery - the most important accessory? Well, most of us skipped these individual choices and if you too love jewellery like us, it’s time to check out the trends that will rule the gold jewellery scene this year.


At the height of gold fashion right now are chain link styles, with the paperclip design a bestseller, reports Cora Lee Colaizzi, marketing director and senior merchandiser for Quality Gold, Fairfield, Ohio. Trending since last summer, the paperclip chain link as a design element showcases the diversity that can come from even the simplest style.


The latest in gold jewellery trends reflects clean lines, open metalwork, and geometric shapes, particularly interlocking circles. These gold jewellery styles remain popular because of their simplistic design. They can be worn with anything, dressed up or down.


While bangles are not new but thank beautiful modern designing and detailing, it is all set to become the biggest bridal trend to watch out for. Stacking your monochrome bracelets could be just enough to top off your casual look. Or you can combine any of your outfits to create a trendy and fashionable look just by adding a stack of bracelets.

And with all this in the trend, gold jewellery will remain in the headlines but not just because of its value but also because of how well we can style it!