Jewellery - ‘POP’ IT OUT

It goes without saying that the impact of Pop-culture on consumer behaviour is omnipresent and ever-growing. Honestly, we’re always just one blockbuster movie or one chartbuster away from a marketer’s paradise. We’re all very well-versed with this correlation. However, have you ever wondered if there’s something that fuels this force majeure, which in turn has such a profound impact on consumer behaviour? 

One such factor is Jewellery. The Pop-culture and Jewellery industries share an undying affinity. Following a contemporary example, in a movie called ‘Wonder Woman’, the most outstanding feature of the character’s adornments were her bracelets. As you might’ve guessed, what followed was a frenzy for Wonder Woman bracelets. It’s worth noting that even the eminent jeweller, Swarovski jumped on the bandwagon. Similarly, an instance in the early 1980s raised the significance of Gold in the music industry when Run DMC - the iconic hip-hop group sported gold on stage. Soon after, rap artists started sporting gold chains and gold rings on all their fingers. After American rap sensation, Nelly, released a song named ‘Grillz’ in 2005, just about every rapper could be seen wearing Gold-bottom or Rose-Gold grillz accessories. Cut to 2021, this trend of jewellery being worn on stage has not died down, with icons such as Drake and Billie Eilish taking up the mantle.

In retrospect to the Indian scene, jewellery plays a quintessential role in the entertainment industry. It’s comedic to note how there are entire songs being written on a single piece of ornament. However, one can also not deny how this subliminal endorsement of these ornaments becomes a key driver for jewellery sales.Hence conclude our observations on the symbiotic relationship between the pop-culture and jewellery industries. Make sure to check out our extensive collection to satiate your desire to become a part of such trends, or maybe set a few trends yourself.