Jewelry to carry on a vacation

Vacations are something we are always waiting for. Either you're going to your hometown or to a exotic location you need to rock your look there. But jewelry is something which is always pushed back when it comes to packing. But dressing up without accessorizing is pretty boring. So here we bring you with some of the to-carry-jewelry items while you plan our vacation. 

Let's get started:

  • Pearl Earrings- Pearl studs are a classic in every woman’s jewelry stash. They are the jewelry equivalent of the Little Black Dress and can be used for myriad occasions. They add instant understated class to every outfit and can even be worn with shorts and a tank top. 

  • Pendant - Pendant is a superb necklace for a summer getaway. Its simplicity will surely prove versatile as this pendant and chain can be paired with casual or formal wear.

  • Bracelet- Bracelets are versatile. These look beautiful with almost every piece of clothing. Whether it is an evening gown or any Indian outfit. Even with the most simple shirt and pants, a simple bracelet will look elegant.

  • Stackable ring- Show off your modern style and timeless grace with  stackable rings. The reflective sheen of these will be breathtaking against the backdrop of golden skin. Wear one, two, or all three for a unique feminine look.

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