Latest Pearl jewelry trends 2017

Pearls: They’re officially cool once more. And by that, we mean in the way they were original intended: Be it in your ears, around your wrist or artfully strewn across your chest.  This trend of juxtaposing pearls in the most unexpected of crevices has provided the catalyst to make this traditional style of jewelry suddenly hip. But tell someone you’ve invested in a pair of pearl earrings or a necklace, and the Sloane Ranger connotations still remain.

The pearl 2.0 is cooler, however; much more than a continuous string of pleasingly shiny beads, they’re embedded in asymmetric earrings, peppered on chokers and adorning brooches. There’s something undeniably chic about a pearl—freshwater, cultured or of the costume variety—but now, they’re as edgy as they are ladylike.

1. Diamond and pearl studded earrings and Brooch

2. Aquarian Pearl Ring

3. Ikecho Pearls Bracelet

4. Linneys Pearl Pendant

5. Classic pearl Drop earrings

6. Multiple layer Pearl Necklace

7. Unique Pearl Ring

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