Mangalsutra is a traditional Indian necklace worn by married women as a symbol of their marital status. It is typically made of gold or black beads, and features a pendant or charm in the center.

The word "mangalsutra" is derived from two Sanskrit words, "mangal" meaning auspicious or good fortune, and "sutra" meaning thread or cord. The necklace is considered a sacred thread that symbolizes the unity and bond between husband and wife.

The design of the mangalsutra can vary depending on the region and culture of India. In some areas, it may be a simple chain with a small pendant, while in others it may be a more elaborate design with multiple strands and intricate patterns.

Traditionally, the mangalsutra is tied by the groom around the bride's neck during the wedding ceremony, and it is believed that the wife's long life and the well-being of her husband are ensured by the mangalsutra. The necklace is considered a symbol of the husband's love, commitment, and protection towards his wife.