Celebrity Multiple ear piercing trends 2017

When you want to get pierced, we look at the metals you already wear, and then listen to where you want to get pierced and then pick out appropriate studs or rings. We mock up the look on a faux ear and slide rings of different diameters up your actual ear to determine proper sizes so you can have an accurate preview of the curated look.

Gone are the days when a third or secondary ear piercing was considered "out there," as ears peppered with numerous mini hoops, studs and trinkets have become more and more commonplace. Even Olivia Palermo, the ultimate poster girl for refined taste, has a piercing through her cartilage. A heavily decorated ear isn't just for rebellious teens. The multiple-earring trend shows no sign of slowing down this year, as the fashion experts at Lyst have noticed over the past six months an acceleration in search for earrings for specific piercings and places on the ear.

Some of the celebrities have been flaunting their piercings in the following way:


Chanel Iman


Gwyneth Paltrow


Candice Swanepoel


FKA Twigs

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