Simple Band Not So Simple



D-Shape is another very traditional option, popular with both men and woman. Flat on the inside and round on the outside providing a comfortable shape which sits close to the finger and is less likely to snag, while still appearing substantial on the finger.



Court profile is the most traditional shape. The rounded inside and out means that it will sit comfortably as it beds into the finger.



The flat profile is exactly how it sounds; flat on all surfaces, inside and out! The result is a chunky style with a nice heavy feel.



Similar to the flat profile, however has a curved inner edge for a comfortable fit. The flat-court still attains the look of the flat profile when on the finger, but much easier to wear if you are not used to wearing rings.



The double comfort profile was designed by our in-house jewellers specifically for ultimate comfort; an unobtrusive design with a contemporary style; this has become one of our best sellers.



A flat-sided court wedding ring is rounded on the inside and outside like the traditional court, however has flat sides and a less domed profile. This means that they appear a bit deeper when on the finger, and also weigh a little more than the traditional court wedding ring. We have found that the flat-sided court is a popular choice to sit alongside most engagement rings.



Halo profile wedding rings are perfectly round when viewed as a cross section. This is one of the most classic profiles as it was one of the easiest designs to make when people began to wear wedding rings.



Definitely a profile for those looking for something unique and interesting; the rounded interior face is comfortable to wear and the concave exterior adds interest to simple rings.

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