The VIRTUAL VIRTUE of Livestream Shopping

It was in the early 2010s that consumers started condoning the idea of online shopping. The prospect of make purchases from the comfort of one’s home seemed quite lucrative altogether. Ever since, the E-commerce industry has only witnessed an upward trajectory. The Online Retail giant, Amazon’s yearly sales are a live testament to this observation. 

It is pretty obvious that the Covid -19 pandemic is by far the most disruptive occurrence in the history of retail business. Thousands of retail businesses have been shelved and millions of retail workers have borne the brunt. In these times, the inclination of consumers has taken an obvious shift towards online shopping platforms. And in this Online-Retail landscape, Livestream Shopping is unarguably the next big thing. Livestream Shopping offers the ability to demonstrate and endorse products to a live, online audience that can interact in that live experience. Live-shopping, in essence, is the closest we’ve ever been to emulating the personal touch that in-store shopping offers. It actually provides a more earnest depiction of the products in question, devoid of all flashy photography and photoshop gimmicks, thereby building consumer's trust.

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