Top 8 Mangalsutra trends 2017

Mangalsutra is one jewelry piece that every Hindu women would love to wear. It is a sign of being married and blessed with husband. Mangalsutra designs in gold and diamond are not only the garland of black and golden beats but also, it’s a symbol of love and commitment. These days, jewelery trends are changing hence women would love to experiment even with the mangalsutra designs as well.

This year there will be a lot more use of rose gold, gemstones, art deco style, and fancy cut diamonds. You’ll see your girlfriends take a more ultra-modern, futuristic vibe, less is more approach towards their jewelry pieces. Focus on one statement piece rather than layers.

  1. Intricate chain with Round pendant

    This is a very modern looking design for gold mangalsutra as the pendent looks royal and yet simple. There is carved detailing on the round pendant which ends in another tiny trinket. The chain is the most interesting part as it has double chain halfway and then there are triple gold chain with black beads after the other half end of this mangalsutra. This makes this modern yet Indian in design.

    1. Precious Gemstones Mangalsutra Designs:

      Mangalsutras will incorporate more natural gemstones like amber, ammolite, emeralds and other precious stones. Gemstones provide a lot of color and personality to any piece of jewelry. You can use gemstones in creative ways. For example, you can choose your or your partners birthstone in the mangalsutra.

      1. American Diamond Mangalsutra Design

        Nowadays diamond are in the latest trend but as this is not affordable for everyone. So you can take american diamond mangal sutra jewelry in place of that. It seems like diamond but not expensive. It’s considered in the artificial jewelry for women.

        1. Mangalsutra for working women

          This too is very simple and contemporary design where there is a solid  gold floral leaf pattern with a single thin black beaded chin. The chin is thin hence, such design can be worn for work.  The pendent design do not have any detailing inside which makes it good for everyday use. This is also light weight hence in summers too one can wear them everyday.

          1. Charm Mangalsutra Designs:

            Charm mangalsutras are new. It’s basically a mangalsutra chain with beads or without beads. You can add any number of charms as desired. Each charm has a special meaning and sort of a glittering billboard of one’s hope and dreams. Gold and diamond charms of the moon and stars are beautifully laced on a 22K gold chain with a hint of black beads. This gives it a bit of a boho look. This is a extremely interesting way to have you mangalsutra set up so that you can change the charm based on the current theme, life event going on

            1. Half Moon mangalsutra Design

              This is a very typical Maharashtrian and kundan inspired jewelry design. This has the best of both worlds as you get the look of the mangalsutra and of a necklace as well. The half moon resembling pendent with pearl beads are not only new and modern looking yet gives classiness. The black beads are woven strongly to make a thick chain. In between the chain big gold beads add more beauty to this piece.

              1. Rose Gold Mangalsutra Designs:

                The use of rose gold in mangalsutra will be increasingly more popular as rose stands for deep love and luxury. The fashion industry has a long history with rose gold. It’s a timeless metal since it’s not as gaudy as shiny yellow gold. Copper and silver are added to pure gold alloy. This forms rose gold. 18K rose gold is my personal favorite.

                1. Diamond Mangalsutra Designs:

                  Fancy cut diamonds are basically diamond that is not round in shape. There are so many diamond shapes available such as pear, marquise, oval, baguette, emerald cut, cushion cut, and heart-shape. Today’s consumer are geared towards diamonds customized and tailored to their taste. Everyone falls in love with certain shapes that become an important part of their personal style. Fancy cut diamonds give consumers the option to choose a stone that reflects their unique aesthetic, so it makes sense that fancy cuts are gaining popularity in this age of personalization and unconventional engagement rings.

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