Walk in Vogue with the best trends for you!

After more than a year of fighting with coronavirus, there is finally some light at the end of the proverbial tunnel in Canada as restrictions are gradually easing soon, and large portions of the general population are vaccinated each day. Things are getting better each day, you must be really excited to live the majorly missed, pre-covid era once again. You must be updating your closet, like shopping for new clothes, new accessories but one thing that you are forgetting is upgrading your jewellery style. 2019 jewellery is way too old. Why don’t you try out some 2021, fresh and casual jewellery that will compliment you in every way.

Initials are never out of style
Initial jewellery is a jewellery staple that has stood the test of time thanks to its chic look, personalized feel, and incredible versatility. And while initial jewellery is a classic style of jewellery, it also happens to be a top jewellery trend for 2021. This timeless style can be seen everywhere at the moment– you’ll find initial jewellery on runways, in magazines, and all over influencers on social media.

Clips-on’s to add grace
Clips-on earrings offer a painless option for you to enjoy accessorizing with affordable and top-rated jewellery. These earrings are suitable for you if you are into that transformative look from earrings, but you don’t have pierced ears. So, to show off your sense of style with all the nice, sparkly studs or the fun big hoops, unpierced ears should hold you back anymore, all thanks to the clip-on earrings.

High-quality chains are a staple in any jewellery collection. Sterling silver or glorifying gold is always the most popular option, although gold vermeil is quickly becoming a favourite medium for jewellery designers and consumers alike. 

Sparkle with Diamonds
Sparkle yourself up with diamond rings, diamond necklaces or diamond bangles that will accolade with all the elegance. Also, diamonds can be a good way to flaunt as these poise pieces never miss eyesight.
We know how much you missed going out flaunting yourself. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity, dazzle yourself with these tips and get ready to hit the outdoors in style. Check www.royaldubaijewellers.com for more!