Wedding special Temple Jewelry

With the latest changes in jewelry trends various patterns have been in the market with simple as well as huge temple jewelry sets. You can even find the temple jewelry in which you can get the diamond or any kind of Polki or stones embedded in order to add more awesome look to the jewelry. Usually these temple jewelry sets are worn in marriages by the bride or those who attend the wedding. This is the most traditional jewelry which would best be suitable for the traditional attire. When women wear these kind of jewelry they look the most beautiful women in the world and it would add the look of a princess to the wearer. The temple jewelry is the most famous one when you look at the South Indian jewelry. Most of them from south India love to wear these kind of heavy sets depending on the traditional occasion which they need to attend.

1. Nakshi and Temple Jewellery

The Nakshi and Temple jewelry gives the bride a divine and exquisite look. The antique finish layered chains of gold balls, colored beads and Nakshi work is all set to give the bride a million dollar appearance. The Goddess pendants studded with precious gem stones, uncut diamonds, polkis, nakshi balls or south sea pearls are trending since this jewellery looks heavy and gives the bride an opulently traditional appearance

  1. Mango Mala
Mango Mala / Managa Malai is a traditional South Indian necklace that is back in trend and has risen to great popularity. This lavish elaborate traditional Mango Mala intricately set with precious stones is one of the best South Indian wedding jewelry and is very much in trend. Mango Mala makes the bride look extremely flamboyant and ethnic on the significant occasion.


      3. Diamond Jewelry

    Diamonds are a girl’s best friends. Diamond jewelry has occupied a most prominent place in Indian weddings with its precious characteristics. The lavish bride in her authentic bling-bling diamond jewellery set amazes everyone on her big day. Diamond jewelry goes well with any kind of bridal attire and adds more extravagance to the great occasion.

      4. Antique Gold Jewelry

    Jewelry crafted in antique finish has become popular in India for its ethnic looks and have become a significant bridal choice. Antique jewelry is made in numerous forms like Meenakari, kundan work and so on. The dull polished antique jewelry with black look or Bikaner jewelry in fact camouflages the glittery heavy worked bridal attire.

    5. Pacchi Jewellery

    Pacchi work is one of the most intricate art in jewelry creations. It originated from Jaipur and is antique. Pacchi jewelry pieces are created using glass stone, colored pacchi leafs, and moti (pearls). Every leaf is embellished by hand on the top of the other, which makes pacchi jewelry even more special and unique with a three dimensional appearance. Aesthetically designed and finely finished, the pacchi jewelry have become the bride’s latest favorite.